Raising Brand Awarenss in the Fitness Market Place

At we understand the need to raise Brand Awareness amongst your target audience. Each of our websites covers a very specific subject in which we are one of the leading providers of online information, news, products and travel services. Our Fitness website is an excellent venue to raise brand awareness and we have several programs that you can use for it:

Link & Banner Advertising
(starting at $6 per 1000 Impressions)
Our website has designated Ad Spaces where you can place your link and banner advertisements. We support all possible media formats and our dedicated Sales Team can help you in creating custom ads and package deals that suit your exact needs and budget. Clicks and Impressions are tracked by an independent third party. For more information, visit Link & Banner Advertising.

Direct Product Placement
(starting at $2.50 per Product per Month or $0.08 per Click)
Our website features a Specialty Shop where we combine the inventories of the leading providers of products related to our chosen subjects. You too can showcase your products in our shop through our Shop Partner Program or by inviting us to join your Affiliate Program. For more information visit Product Advertising & Marketing.

Get Listed in our Travel & Services Directory
(Free for Basic Listing, starting at $5.00 per Month for a Full Page)
Need to promote any type of service related to Fitness or any of subjects? Get listed in our World Wide Travel & Services directory! In here, you can create and manage your own full webpage presentation and receive daily exposure to thousands of people who visit our Fitness portal. For more information visit Travel and Services Advertising & Marketing.

Email Newsletter
(starting at $15 per 1000 subscribers)
Our Newsdesk gathers Fitness News on a daily basis and we regularly sendout email newsletters to our subscribed members. The rates for advertising in our newsletter depend on the size of your advertisement and where it will be placed in our newsletter. For more information feel free to Contact Us.

Content Sponsoring
(starting at $100 per article/month)
Add an entire content page to our website! The article can contain whatever information you want to pass on to our visitors (e.g. Product Promotions, News Items, Sale Announcements or your Company Profile, etc.). To make sure that your sponsored content is highly visible online and in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), our Creative Writing Department can help you in creating your article. For more information feel free to Contact Us.

Custom Advertising Packages
Our Sales Team can assist you in creating a custom package on one or more of our advertising channels that will fit your exact requirements. Besides our Sales Team, we also have a Creative Writing and Graphic Design Department that can assist you in creating the content or media needed for your advertising plans. It is our goal to establish long-lasting relationship with our advertisers. Thus, you can be assured that we will do our utmost to ensure that you will get a good return on investment. For more information and inquiries feel free to Contact Us.

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If you are interested and would like to discuss the possibilities then please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours:

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