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All our websites have a dedicated Specialty Shop that features the combined inventories of the leading online Retailers & Shops. With this, we are able to reach a highly targeted audience, provide them with an overview of what is available online, and enable them to make price comparisons at the same time. We currently have thousands of products in our shops provided by various shop partners, and we have generated millions worth of sales for these partners. You too can showcase your products in our shop through one of the following methods:

Shop Partner Program (SPP)
(starting at $2.50 per Product per Month or $0.08 per Click)
The Shop Partner Program is ideal for small to medium enterprises looking for cost-effective advertising solutions. Join our SPP now and increase the revenues of your store! Within minutes, your products will be featured on a high-traffic platform. Learn all about our Shop Partner Program.

Affiliate Programs & Performance-Based Advertising
(starting at 5% commission on generated sales)
We are a member of all the large performance based affiliate programs such as Commission Junction, LinkShare, TradeDoubler and On your request, we can join your program through one of these large networks. If you have your own program, we can join that too. We have dedicated Data Processing Team that is able to process Datafeeds of any format and process them into our system. If you would like us to join your Affiliate Program then feel free to Contact Us.

Package Deals
For those selling a unique line of product/s, you can avail of our package deal where your product/s can have a dedicated page in our Information or News Section, plus a dedicated Shop Page where you can showcase as many products as you want. This type of deal/marketing has generated great results for some of our partners since both the products and the shop will receive maximum exposure to our highly targeted Fitness audience. If you are interested in this type of package deal, feel free to Contact Us.
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