ABC-of-Fitness Site Statistics & Demographics visitors are Sports and/or Lifestyle enthusiasts interested in Specific Activities like Fitness. They generally consist of consumers who frequently purchase equipment, apparel, accessories and related products. They commonly travel to destinations and special events to enjoy their activity of choice.

Audience Profile

Our Audience is predominantly of the Age Group 20-40 years old (70%) with enough disposable income to purchase Fitness Products and Services. Our websites are in English and the lion share of our visitors are from the USA (around 65%) and Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia (around 20%). Our visitors take their time spending an average of 3 minutes on our website which is remarkably long for the internet.

Site Traffic Stats

In a span of four years, MaxLifestyle has grown exponentially and is attracting more and more visitors every day. Most of the visitors are from the US and UK. We regularly update our site statistics and this is our latest report summary:

Pageviews in Feb 2008      452,999
Visitors in Feb 2008   136,635
Average Visit Length   0:03:41
Demographics Unknown * 48.78%
  United States    32.87%
  United Kingdom    3.08%
  Canada    1.77%
  Australia    0.97%
* Most of the visitors from this segment are from English-speaking countries
Visitors in Feb 2008   1,602,999
Pageviews Feb 2008   4,113,599
Average Visit Length   0:02:01
Demographics Unknown* 49.31%
  United States    29.84%
  Netherlands    3.82%
  Canada    3.80%
  United Kingdom    3.17%
* Most of the visitors from this segment are from English-speaking countries.

Search Engine Rankings

Besides the Traffic Statistics of our websites we also closely monitor our performance in the most popular search engines. These statistics will also give you good idea of how we are positioned in the market. You can find an overview of our site rankings in our Search Engine Rankings overview
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