Weight Inspection in Fitness Assessment

Weight Inspection in Fitness Assessment Weight is the quality of being heavy and is usually expressed in certain units or standards such as pounds and grams. Weight loss in particular is the main reason why people nowadays are Getting into Fitness Programs and Training.

Weight loss is affected not just by what you eat but by what physical activity you are engaged in, what your Body Composition is made of and even by genetics. Still, losing weight, gaining weight or maintaining your weight largely depends on the amount of calories you take in and use up during the day. If you eat just about the same amount of calories to meet your body's energy needs, your weight will stay the same. The Key to Weight Control and Fitness is keeping your energy intake (food) and energy output (physical activity) in balance.

Although body weight is a significant factor in Fitness, it should not become a fixation. Other factors such as your Body-Mass Index, as fitness experts agree, are Better Indications of Fitness than just your body weight. However, if you'll make use of the weighing scale, you might as well do it right:
  • Take all your clothes off.
  • Step on the weighing scale.
  • Look at the number.
  • Record it on your "monitoring" notebook.
To compare your weight with the standard height and weight table for men and women go to the Fitness Calculators section. After recording your weight, you should monitor it by weighing yourself subsequently, no more than once a week (not daily) and preferably at the same time. You could also take pictures, videos, or measurements of yourself to help you compare with your results and keep track of your progress.

While some of us weigh just the right amount and others need to gain a few pounds, many of us fight excess body fats at some time in our life. Whatever your Fitness Goals, you should understand and gain from the Important Role of Exercise in Keeping your Body Weight Under Control.

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