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On this page you can submit your website details for a Link Exchange partnership with ABC-of-Fitness. In exchanging links, we always try to make sure that the exchange is fair and that both links are of equal value. This is why we offer four different programs that enable any type of site to participate:
  • Standard Link Exchange: open to any fitness-related website, wherein your website will be listed in a category of our Links Directory
  • Premier Link Exchange: this option is open to high quality and high traffic websites, wherein your website will be listed on the main page of our Links Directory
  • Homepage Link Exchange: open to websites of equal prominence and quality as our own, we offer the opportunity to exchange homepage links
  • One Way and Custom Linking: for those who want to setup a one-way or non-reciprocal link exchange between our websites, or get a link from a specific location on our site
Use the following form to submit your Link Partnership request:

STEP 1: Setup a Link to our Website

For the Standard, Premier and Homepage Link programs you will need to setup a link to our website first. Click the "Link Tools" button for easy-to-use copy-paste codes of our text and graphic links.

STEP 2: Submit Link Request Information

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