Fitness Variations

In this section, we will provide you every thing you need to know about Fitness Variations. Here, you will know all about Aerobic Exercises, their short descriptions, their target body muscles/areas, and suggested ways to incorporate them in your Fitness Plan. This section also covers different training programs designed for athletes.

Walking is one of the easiest, most versatile, and most profitable Cardio Exercises you can do to stay fit. Study your fitness goals and make sure that you include walking in your exercise.

Running and Jogging
If you don't like a lot of technical equipment, then Running or Jogging is the Cardio Exercise for you. Running and Jogging are very natural activities which the body is built to do.

If you want a powerful and effective, total body shape-up tool, Swimming is the Cardio Exercise for you. Doing this exercise can help you achieve a higher health benefit.

In-line Skating has been shown to burn more calories than cycling and almost as much as running. Skating can also be an excellent exercise for enhancing your Cardiovascular Fitness and toning your legs.

Bicycling is not only one of the best, easiest and most popular forms of exercise, it also is a lot of fun! Incorporate bicycling into your fitness program to strengthen your legs, especially your quadriceps.

Hiking is not only an excellent cardiovascular exercise. It also provides psychological benefits as well. Strengthen your bones and burn more calories with the help of this cardio-vascular exercise.

Cross-Country Skiing
Skiing is basically using gravity to move downhill by gliding over snow using two long and thin boards to keep balance and control. It is also regarded worldwide as one of the healthiest activities.

The whole system of Yoga is built on three main structures: exercise, breathing, and meditation. The good thing about Yoga is that it is suitable for people of all ages, even those with physical disabilities.

Circuit and Interval Training
Learn the difference between Circuit and Interval Training, and instructions on how to perform them in this section. Doing this exercise can help you achieve a higher health benefit.

Fitness & Martial Arts
Some of the Martial Arts disciplines that you can do to stay fit or as great additions to your Fitness program are Taekwondo, Judo, Capoeira, Muay Thai, and Karate.

Water Fitness
Need a sweat-free form of exercise that doesn't really need an equipment to be done? Then try out Water Fitness! All you need is a pool and it won't matter if it's your own or not. Read about it here.

Aerobic (or Cardio) Fitness
Proper weight training can make you strong. But if you want to be truly fit, add Cardiovascular (or Aerobic) Exercises to your program. Learn more about Cardiovascular Exercises here.

Cardiovascular Training
Cardiovascular Training is a very important fitness component. It develops the heart, lungs, and vascular system. When choosing a cardio activity, be sure to find something that you enjoy doing.

Cardio Exercises - Types
Cardio is used in reference to exercises and/or equipment intended for cardiovascular fitness and endurance training (aerobic exercise).

Mental Fitness
Aside from being physically fit, it is also very important to have a healthy mind. Being mentally active helps you achieve overall conditioning of both the body and mind.

Body Building & Toning
Body Building is almost always synonymous to muscle development, while Body Toning is associated with getting a slender physique. Know more about these two Fitness terms in this section.

Plyometrics is an advanced training technique which trains the muscles to quickly generate explosive power. Plyometric exercises are included in the training programs designed for athletes such as runners and boxers.

Pilates is a method of exercise and physical movement designed to strengthen, stretch and balance the body. It uses controlled movements in the form of exercises or equipment to strengthen and tone the body.

With a wide range of Aerobic Activities to choose from, you can be assured that you will find something you'll enjoy doing. Read thoroughly the different Fitness variations, and you will find one that suits your interest.

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