Circuit and Interval Training

Circuit and Interval Training Circuit Training
In Circuit Training, you have a predefined "circuit" or group of exercises that are repeated in a cycle. First define both a primary and secondary muscle group/function to work out. Then decide two exercises each that will work these two muscle groups/functions (so you have four separate workouts). Next, decide the order you will do the exercises so that you are exercising the primary muscle group (exercise 1), then the secondary muscle group (exercise 2), then back to the first muscle group (exercise 3), then the second muscle group (exercise 4). As you go through the circuit, keep your heart rate above 60% or you will not gain much cardiovascular benefit, and keep your heart rate under 85% so you don't diminish the strength improvement. The circuit should last 30 minutes.

Interval Training
Interval training can be described as short bursts of less-than-maximum work, alternating with shorter periods lowered intensity work. The idea of interval training is to work at high-intensity to push your pulse to its target for a short period with an interval of partial recovery before working again. During the work phase, the heart rate should be kept between 60% to 85% percent of your maximum heart rate. The rest intervals should be long enough to allow your heart rate to drop within 60% to 40% of your maximum.

Keep in mind that the more times you do this Cardio Exercise in a week, the higher your health benefits will be.

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