Aerobic and Outdoor Activity Clothes

The following tips can help you find What Fitness Clothes to Wear and When to Wear it for your outdoor workout and aerobic activities:

Aerobic Clothes Aerobic Clothes
Clothes for Aerobics is generally similar to dancewear. The Most Popular Aerobic Outfits are leotards and tights. However, they are not essential especially if you're not comfortable wearing tight-fitting garments. For a more functional but also popular look, you can wear big loose T-shirts over Lycra or Lycra-cotton blend tights and a sports bra. They aren't only functional; they can also disguise your extra unwanted fats.

Outdoor Activity Clothes
When exercising outdoors, wear brightly colored clothing. To avoid accidents, add lights and reflector tape to your body or bike if you exercise after dark. Also, wear helmets and safety pads appropriate for the activity.

If you plan to run or walk outside, the usual shorts and T-shirt indoor attire works well - that is, if the day is fair. For cool weather, you should avoid cotton attires since they get wet easily. Also, when it gets wet, it doesn't only stay wet, it even gets cold quickly. For clothing that dries quickly and wicks moisture away from your skin, buy clothes with synthetic fiber materials (e.g. Capilene and polypropylene).

During a rainy or snowy weather, the common outdoor wear is Gore-Tex. This material sheds water and allows perspiration wicked from your skin to pass through its outer shell.

To know the suitable and comfortable Winter Fitness Activities Clothes, go to our Winter Fitness Wear section.

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