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If you are planning to go to a gym, you can probably get away with wearing T-shirts and shorts all the time. But if you're not into T-shirts and would like to know more about the Gym Wear, the following will help you choose the appropriate Fitness Apparel for you.
  • Jockstrap. This is an undergarment support for the genitals and is worn by men who engage in strenuous activities and Fitness Programs. One of the frequently ignored Gym Advice is to wear a jockstrap or jockey shorts/briefs when you’re wearing baggy sweats or loose shorts. You may think this protective undergarment is ridiculous, but it can actually save you from being discussed unpleasantly – before or behind your brief-less behind.

    You can choose jockstraps with a hard or soft cup depending on the intensity of your Fitness Activity. Generally, jockstraps with soft cups are very comfortable and provide more protection than a regular jock. However, it is not a substitute for a hard cup when playing rougher sports. Some gym shorts (but nearly all shorts designed for runners) come with a built-in brief for added support and comfort. There’s also the “compression shorts” which is a distinctly designed undergarment that looks like bike shorts. This also does well under shorts or sweats.
  • Leggings. This gym wear is usually calf-length or full-length.
  • Shoes. Footwear is crucial especially if you have a long walking or running program. It is important that your shoes are sturdy, well-fitting, and appropriate for your chosen fitness activity. Well-fitting shoes that are broken in (but not broken down) and cushioning socks are vital, especially if you walk or run on hard surfaces.

    If you get into running and find out that your running shoes wear out quickly, a running or athletic-footwear store might recommend shoes with a long-wearing polyethylene base. This material is said to be more wear-resistant than others. When buying shoes, let fit and function be your guide. However, if you are experiencing discomfort, you might need to consult a "foot" specialist.
  • Shorts. A lot of people find a sports shorts made of a breathable synthetic material to be comfortable. A breathable synthetic shorts also makes you look like a serious exerciser. Still, if you don't feel at ease wearing shorts in the gym, you might opt for calf-length or full-length tights or sweatpants.
  • Sports bras. Women should wear a sports bra especially when their Fitness Program or activity will include bouncing around.

    Sports bras come in hook-closure or pullover styles and are usually made from a Lycra blend that stretches comfortably through various arm and body movements. The Lycra blend not only prevents discomfort, it also eliminates the prospect of bouncing breasts.

    There are two main types of sports bras to choose from, the compression and the encapsulation. The compression type is more apt for small to medium breasted women since it presses the breasts against the chest in a single mass. The encapsulation, on the other hand, works better for the full-figured or large-breasted since this type is built to hold each breast in a cup.

    All sports bras have wide shoulder straps for support and comfort. Aside from this, many sports bras are breathable, wicks moisture away from your skin, and come in T-back designs for additional comfort and support.

    When you Choose a Sports Bra That's Right for you, remember three things: proper fit, comfort, and structure.
  • Sweat pants. If you don't feel comfortable wearing sports shorts, you might prefer to wear tights or sweatpants in the gym.
  • Gym Clothes - T-shirt
  • Tank tops. Some people find wearing a tank top in the gym too revealing. Still, if you're working on your upper body, you'll be able to concentrate more on your muscle groups if you wear a tank top. Seeing your muscles contracting and lengthening can also be a good motivational means for you.
  • T-shirts. Almost everybody who goes to a gym wears T-shirts (at one point or another). T-shirts have been tried, tested and have been accepted by a lot of gym goers as the most comfortable workout upper garment. Most people find a breathable synthetic shirt comfortable and makes them look like a serious exerciser.

Choose pieces of Fitness Apparel that can provide comfort so that you can enjoy your Fitness exercises. Wearing the proper outfit needed for a particular activity can enable you to move with comfort and ease.

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