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The Fitness Equipment you will need will vary according to your Fitness Goals or Program. Although different kinds of Home Exercising Equipment have been designed and built, you should select good equipment that is simple to use, comfortable, relaxing and safe.

The following are a list of the Common Home Fitness Equipment, their short descriptions, How to use them, and the Benefits you will get from Having them as a Home Gym Equipment:

  • Barbells. Aside from dumbbells, you may want to have a barbell set to lift heavier weights. Barbells are a kind of free weights and are used for different Fitness Exercises. They have stopper at both ends to avoid the sliding of the poundage toward one's grips and knots. This Home Fitness Equipment will give your body something different to work on especially when working with dumbbells is becoming a bit easy.

  • Bench. This Fitness Equipment is commonly used for chest exercises and back exercises. Still, you can use this for a quick abs workout or some triceps dips. Although there are a variety of choices - from flat to adjustable - it's best to get an adjustable bench so you can do incline and decline exercises.

    • Fitness Equipment: Bench
    • Flat bench. This Type of Bench is commonly used for various chest exercises. The width of a Well-Built Flat Bench must not be more than 10 inches (25cm). It should be low enough that the soles of your feet are pinned on the floor when you perform Flat Bench Exercises. Also, make sure it has an adjustable rack and a padded surface that is not so soft and not so hard.

    • Incline bench. This is usually used for upper chest exercises. Similar with the Flat Bench, the Incline Bench must have a width of not more than 10 inches, an adjustable rack and a padded surface.

    • Decline bench. This Type of Bench is normally used for lower chest exercises. Similar with the first two, it must have an adjustable rack, a foot grip and a padded surface about 10 inches.

  • Fitness Equipment: Dumbbells Dumbbells. A Fitness Dumbbell is a short bar with weights at each end that is used usually in pairs for Fitness Exercise. Similar to Barbells, Dumbbells are a kind of Free Weights. This Gym Equipment is a good buy for home training because it is versatile. Also, Dumbbells can be used to work specific muscles and to intensify some exercises.

    To know what dumbbells you need, analyze your workout routine and determine which range of weights you most commonly exercise with. From there, choose a range of around 5 pairs of dumbbells, starting with a weight suitable for an exercise like single-arm, going up to the maximum you would use for Bicep Curls. You can buy heavier dumbbells as your strength gradually increases. Keep in mind that a fine set of dumbbells should last a lifetime.

  • Fitness Equipment: Elliptical Exerciser
  • Elliptical Exerciser. Elliptical Fitness Exercisers simulate the way nature intended your body to move. They are the ultimate exercise machine since using it will give you the combination of the benefits from other aerobic equipment.
    Similar with the stairstepper, you stand on footplates. However, these plates move in an orbit around an axis like a stationary bicycle - only, the plates travel in an elliptical pattern. With this Home Fitness Equipment, you can usually adjust the length of the stride. Thus, you perform an exercise without any impact on your joints, at the same time receive a combination of striding walk or run, pedaling a bike, and climbing stairs workout.
  • Exercise ball. This Home Gym Equipment is durable and relatively inexpensive. Exercise balls are the latest trend in exercise because they don't only improve your balance and your core strength they also help make training at home more interesting and varied.

    • Stability ball. This piece of equipment is popular in most gyms and provides a versatile base for a number of exercises. The Stability Ball is commonly used for abdominal work and is quite good for supported leg work exercises such as ball squats. It can also intensify some exercises and be used as an alternative to bench for free-weight work.

    • Medicine ball. This Home Gym Equipment has a variety of uses in a home training program. The Medicine Ball, similar with the Stability Ball, can be used to work your abdominals. Still, the Medicine Ball is commonly used for upper and lower body exercises.

    You can use the Medicine Ball to perform exercises such as crunches and squats. Same with the Stability Ball, it can intensify your exercises by carrying the ball.

  • Fitness Equipment: Exercise Mat Exercise mat. Fitness or Exercise Mats are used to provide cushioned support for comfortable floor exercises and to help protect you against injury. If your Fitness Program involves floor exercises such as Chest Press and Crunches, then Buying an Exercise Mat is more than essential.

    Mats are usually made from some type of foam encased in a flexible plastic covering that wipes off easily. Generally, Mats are about two feet wide. Still, they come in a variety of styles, colors, lengths, thickness, and heights. You can even choose from a foldable, roll-up, or stay flat styles. When Buying a Mat, take into account where you will be using the Mat, how hard the floor is in that area, and how much space you need to store a Mat when you won't be using it.

  • Fitness Equipment: Fitness Bike
  • Stationary bike. One of the most common Fitness Equipment that offers a great cardiovascular workout is the stationary bike. Stationary bike or the "bikes without wheels" works out your lower body.

    Most stationary bike mechanisms are encased in metal housing; some have fly-wheel in front. Some bike designs allows upper body workout by providing movable handles that you can pump back and forth as you pedal in a coordinated motion. You can often select the profile of your ride and the level of challenge, but your speed depends on how hard you pedal. When Riding the Stationary Bike, hold the hand grips comfortably but do not lean on the handlebars.

  • Rowing machine. Also known as Rower, this calorie-burning Fitness Equipment is very low maintenance and is easy to use. A low-to-the-ground machine, the Rower comes with a seat, handles, and foot-boards. The Rowing Machine not only works the entire body from the ankles to the elbows, it's also a terrific upper and lower body workout.

    For an Effective Rowing Exercise, begin pushing back with your legs before you start pulling on the handles. While this is a great upper-body exercise, it is important that 60 percent of the work is being done by your legs. As you pull on the oars, let your back arch naturally, but aim to maintain your elbows close to your sides. After that, go back to the starting position in one fluid motion.

  • Stairclimber. Fitness Stepper is an exercise machine designed to assist in aerobic conditioning. Also known as Stairstepper or Stepper, this is probably one of the most popular piece of indoor Fitness Equipment. Not only is this a great Cardio Exercise, it also works your quads and glutes.

    The movement you perform in the Stairclimber resembles climbing an endless flight of stairs. Because of this, the Stairstepper is an excellent lower-body workout. Not only that, you can adjust the resistance and you derive aerobic benefit from the level that you select and the speed that you use to push the pedals. This Fitness Apparatus consist of two footplates that looks like oversized pedals. When you stand on those pedals, keep your body centered and straight - don't lean on the rails. Throughout the motion, maintain your feet flat on the footplates. Bigger steps work your butt muscles more, while smaller steps concentrates more work on your legs and calves.

  • Treadmill. If you're not into biking, then try walking on a treadmill. A Treadmill is an exercise device consisting of an endless belt on which a person can walk or jog without changing place.

    Fitness Equipment: Treadmill Similar with the Stationary Bike, there's a variety of options for this Fitness Equipment. Treadmills are used to improve cardiovascular health. Treadmills have electric treadbelts (4-6 feet long and 16-22 inches wide) that continuously loops. Other models are powered by the user. For this type, your speed determines the speed of the treadmill: slow down and it runs slow, walk fast and it also goes fast. Treadmills are often supported by partway down the sides of a grip rail below the console.

    To use the treadmill, select the speed that you want. You may also adjust the angle of the treadmill from flat to an upward slant. Make sure you can keep up with the speed and angle you selected. Walk or run as you normally would without the treadmill (i.e. your torso should be lifted, arms swinging, head up and looking forward). Never lean on the handrail and don't push forward. You should walk or run in full stride. Move your feet as you would when you jog: hit the treadbelt with your heel, roll through the foot and take off from the toe. Push the stop button, also called the panic button when you need to stop.

Having the proper equipment for your Fitness Exercise can help you determine how you can accomplish your Fitness Goals or programs. Stick to that Fitness Goal and work your way to having a physically fit body and mind.

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