Winter Fitness Wear

Fitness Apparel - Winter Fitness Wear Your passport to winter sports and activities are layers - dressing in layers. For any Winter Activities, it is extremely necessary to Dress in Layers, wear gloves or mittens to protect your hands, and wear a hat or cap (you can lose up to 40-50% of your body heat through your head).

Be it winter hiking, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing, everyone has different sensitivities to the cold. Accordingly, you'll have to determine what layers and Winter Fitness Accessories will work best for your winter activity based on the following guidelines:

  • Base Layer Winter Clothes. Wear a layer of soft synthetic fabric (e.g. polypropylene or Capilene) against your skin. The Base Layer can be a collection of long underwear, shirt or tights.
  • Middle Layer Winter Clothes. Considering the temperature, you may need to add a middle layer such as a vest, a wool sweater or a synthetic fleece jacket.
  • Outer Layer Winter Clothes. Some type of outer layer will be needed during wet, windy, or very cold days to repel wind, water, or both. You may use a wind- and waterproof jacket for your outer layer.
  • Winter Activity Accessories. It is important to protect your extremities when doing an outdoor activity during winter. Make sure your winter accessories are made from synthetic fiber to wick away moisture and to keep you from getting cold. For your hands, use gloves or mittens as protection. Put on something such as a headband or a hat since up to 50-90% of your body heat is loss through your head. On your feet, you need a good pair of thick socks, preferably synthetic, wool, or wool-blend, to keep your feet warm. Also, since you need to wear thicker socks, don't forget to adjust the size of your shoes.

Choose Clothes that can provide comfort so that you can enjoy your Fitness exercises. Wearing the proper outfit needed for a particular activity can enable you to move with comfort and ease.

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