Develop your skill, have fun, and stay fit with one of these highly effective Fitness Kits. Each of the following kits mostly incorporates a Fitness Video and Exercise Equipment to help tone, improve, or maintain your targeted muscle areas (e.g. in the abs, arms, and legs). We have Fitness Kits that deliver results which are appropriate for beginner to intermediate fitness levels. Our collection of Fitness Kits come from numerous online retailers of Fitness Products. Click on the image or product title for a more detailed description. We also encourage you to add your review to any of these Fitness Packages.

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  Smart Bells Basics Workout Fitness Kits
If you want to strength train but don't like the rigid nature of weight-room workouts, check out this new dynamic muti-tasking workout. Smart Bells® combine fluid, body/mind movements found in yoga an ...
$119.00  $99.99

  Pilates for Beginners Fitness Kits
Pilates is an effective fitness practice that can help you create a shapely and toned body. Our Pilates for Beginners Kit gives you the tools and instruction to build a strong foundation for Pilates m ...

  Pilates Toning System Fitness Kits
Tone your triceps, biceps, shoulders and upper back using our exclusive, cushioned Pilates BodyCircles™ and included workout DVD (14 minutes) with Ana Caban. BodyCircles: set of two, 13¼" diameter.The ...

  Target Your Abs Fitness Kits
Tighten and tone your core with two of our best abs programs. Our unique two-handled Abs Ball is easy to grip and the weight (8 lbs.) is the recommended resistance for optimal torso-reshaping results. ...

  Target Your Arms Fitness Kits
Strengthen and shape your upper body with our exclusive, cushioned Pilates BodyCircles™ and included workout DVD (14 minutes). Kit also features our Body Target: Arms, Back and Shoulders DVD to help y ...

  Pilates BodyBand Challenge Fitness Kits
Shape and develop your core muscles like never before. Ana Cabán intensifies fundamental Pilates moves, then adds more advanced movements to further strengthen and develop your core. Includes intermed ...

  Core Training System Fitness Kits
This is the most intelligently designed half-ball workout system out there. Our Core Training System offers five complete workout routines: 1) Pilates-based core strengthening, 2) resistance training ...

  Abs Ball Fitness Kits
Strengthen your core with our exclusive Abs Ball Kit. The unique two-handled ball is easy to grip and the weight (8 lbs.) is the recommended resistance for optimal torso-reshaping results. Our 35-minu ...

  Pilates Box, Pole and VHS Accessory Set Fitness Kits
Add more exercises to your Aero Pilates Reformer workout (sold separately) with our Pilates Box, Pole and VHS Accessory Set. Box, 15"W x 26"L x 10"H; 18 lbs.Can be shipped to customers in the contiguo ...

  Resistance Cord Workout Fitness Kits
With three different resistance cords to add increasing levels of intensity to your workout, our exclusive kit develops your strength, skill and energy levels, at home or on the road. The cords interc ...

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