Fitness Balls

Fitness Balls If you think balls are only useful for the body in exhausting, sweat-inducing activities like basketball, lawn tennis and soccer, think again. There are more ways to make use of balls in improving your body’s flexibility, balance, and agility.

You have probably heard of Fitness Balls before. You have most likely seen these large, neon colored spheres in gyms or physical therapy centers. Well, if you have seen and heard of them before but never thought of trying them out or even knowing what they are for, this is the best time to get acquainted with Fitness Balls.

Also known as stability balls, Swiss balls, exercise balls or Pilates balls, Fitness Balls are usually made of poly-vinyl chloride material. These come in different sizes, from 35cm to 85cm in diameter. Fitness Balls are also called stability balls because while exercises requiring less force develop balance, exercises requiring more force develop stability - the most important component the use of a Fitness Ball is trying to develop.

There are many benefits in making these balls a staple in your workout routine. As opposed to exercising on a hard, flat surface like the floor, the instability of the ball requires greater balance and steadiness, making the muscles work out more intensely. A Fitness Ball usually focuses on the abdomen and the back, helping you gain a better shape around that stubborn mid-area. Other benefits of using exercise balls include developing overall control and strength of main body muscles, increasing lower back mobility, and increasing abdominal and back muscle strength. Doing exercises that make use of a Fitness Ball improves balance and stability. Even if your not exercising, using a stability ball instead of a chair helps maintain proper posture.

In other cases, Fitness Balls are used as part of physical therapy programs for individuals who are suffering from lower back problems.

With all these benefits and uses, the best part about Fitness Balls is that you can use them in the comfort and limited space of your own bedroom or office room. You can get your own Swiss ball from gym equipment stores or sport shops. There are usually prescribed sizes depending on your height. One tip in choosing the right ball size for you is to see which one lets you sit down with your feet flat on the floor and knees bent at a 90 degree angle.

So if you want to add some excitement, not to mention some color - literally - in your daily workout, a Fitness Ball is definitely a must-try.

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