Fitness Basics and Background Information

Welcome to our Fitness Basics and Background Information section. In this section, we provide you every thing you need to know about the fundamentals of Fitness. Read this section and you will learn what Fitness is all about, know how it all started, and discover the different reasons why more and more people are engrossed with Fitness.

What is Fitness?
Being fit does not mean being thin or muscular. Fitness is the combination of qualities that enable us to perform vigorous physical activities. Read this section to know more about Fitness.

Fitness History
The idea of fitness can be traced back to pre-history. Starting from ancient civilizations in China and in India, it has evolved into a dynamic activity that it is today.

Why do Fitness?
Fitness exercises provide many benefits such as improvement of self-being and alleviation of health problems, among others. Discover the most common driving factors why people pursue physical fitness.

Fitness Dictionary
Learn the commonly used Fitness jargons and their corresponding definitions by reading this section. Soon, you would not wonder what THR, VO2 Max, or BMI mean.

By now, you should have learned what Fitness is generally about, its history, and the reasons why more and more people are engrossed with physical fitness. This section serves only as an introduction about Fitness. Visit our other sections to learn more about this interesting topic.

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