Fitness Exercises

There are various Physical Fitness Exercises that you can choose from. You can try Resistance Training to help create a lean and toned body, Aerobic Exercises to elevate your heart rate over a sustainable period of time, and Stretching to extend your limbs and muscles to their full extent. This section provides you every thing you need to know about the different Fitness Exercises. Learn about them here thoroughly, including body weight exercises.

Stretching Exercises

Neck & Shoulder Stretches
It's important to maintain good flexibility on your neck and muscles since these are where most people accumulate tension. This section contains instructions on how to stretch your neck and shoulder muscles properly to avoid accumulation of tension.

Chest & Arm Stretches Chest & Arm Stretches
The chest, like the neck, is also a common area for tension build-up. Instructions on how to do the Basic Chest and Arm Stretches that can help prevent muscle tension in the chest and upper back can be found in this section.

Back Stretches Back Stretches
The back takes in tension more than any other part of the body. It is necessary to stretch the back properly after exercise. This section contains instructions on how to do the basic back stretches. Read here for more information.

Leg Stretches Leg Stretches
Another part of your body that you need to stretch is your legs. Instructions on how to do the basic leg stretches which target the major leg muscles like the hip flexor (often the most neglected leg muscle) can be found in this section.

Stretching Sequences Stretching Sequences
This section will provide you with the suggested sequential stretches to have a good and relaxing stretch. When your body becomes accustomed to a particular stretch, you can increase the duration time of each exercise to lengthen a particular stretch.

Resistance Exercises (Training with Free Weights)

Arm or Biceps Curl Arm or Biceps Curl
You can do this Free Weights curl while sitting on a bench or using a barbell. For beginners, light dumbbells are the free weights exercises for you. Each variation you perform strengthens the biceps and the muscles of the forearm in a slightly different way.

Triceps Curl Triceps Curl
You can do this Free Weights Exercise with one weight in each hand or with a heavier weight held in both hands. Your free hand may be used to steady the arm being exercised. This will provide for a stricter movement. Read here for more information.

Forward Arm Raise
This Free Weights Exercise strengthens your shoulders. Whether you prefer working with free weights, fitness weights on gym machines or just with your own body weight, the important thing to do is to start realistically and keep at it - at all cost.

Lateral Raise Lateral Raise
This Free Weights Exercise strengthens the shoulders, especially the deltoids. This type of Free Weights exercise is single joint. Lateral Raise strengthens the muscles on your shoulders, especially the deltoids. It can be performed while standing or sitting.

Bench Press Bench Press
You can also do this Free Weights Exercise with a barbell. This is called a "chest press" when you do it lying on your back instead of on a bench. A bench press gives you a greater range of motion than a chest press. This Free Weight Exercise strengthens the shoulders, triceps, and pectorals.

Fly Fly
This Free Weights Exercise strengthens the chest. Although you also can do this exercise lying on a mat or on the floor, you won't get as much range of motion when you're lying on a bench. Include this exercise into your fitness routine.

Walking Lunges Walking Lunges
The Walking Lunge is a variation of the Lunge. This exercise enables you to strengthen your muscles more - your hamstrings, gluteals, and quadriceps.

Dumbbell Squats Dumbbell Squats
The Squats come in many variations. One of them is the Dumbbell Squat. This exercise obviously makes use of dumbbells as you do the Squat. Learn how this exercise is done in this section.

Upper Back Exercises
Building a wide back is every bodybuilder's dream. This is often termed as one of the most difficult areas to train by bodybuilders due to non-visibility. In this section, learn different exercises which target your upper back.

Exercises for Rotator Cuff Muscles
There are four rotator cuff muscles that need to be considered to help strengthen and stabilize the rotator cuff at the shoulder. Find out which exercises can help strengthen your shoulder muscles.

Resistance Exercises (Training with Your Own Body Weight)

Basic Crunch Basic Crunch
Although there are many abdominal exercises, crunches really work if you want to firm and tone your abdominal muscles. One of the most effective is the "basic crunch". You need to keep the movement slow and to focus on good technique for the crunches to be effective.

Reverse Curl Reverse Curl
This variation of abdominal crunch targets the lower part of the abdominal section and puts less strain on the neck area. Learn how to do the Reverse Curl in this section.

Full Crunch Full Crunch
The Full Crunch is the most advanced abdominal exercise. It works the entire stomach area by combining the basic crunch and the reverse curl. Learn how to do the Full Crunch in this section.

Lunges Lunges
The Lunge can give you wonderfully toned inner thighs and buttocks. When you perform lunges, keep your back straight, your torso upright, and your abdominals tight. Donít lean forward and let your knee pass forward your big toe in the middle position.

Basic Push-ups Basic Push-ups
This type of resistance exercise works your upper body. For women, using push-up grips will be easier on your wrists. The push-up is possibly the most classic of all strength-training exercises. This is an important exercise that you can incorporate in your fitness routine.

Rear Leg Lifts Rear Leg Lifts
The Rear Leg Lifts concentrate on your hamstrings and gluteals. This Resistance Exercise makes use of your own body weight to create resistance. If you do this properly and regularly, you will eventually be able to perform advanced versions of it.

Squats Squats
This Resistance Exercise concentrates work on your thighs and buttocks. Squats also work your lower leg muscles, abdominals and lower back since they are used for balance. This fitness exercise is also a tried-and-true lower-body exercise for anyone without knee problems.

Triceps Dips Triceps Dips
This type of Resistance Exercise makes use of your own body instead of iron to create resistance. Fitness Exercises that involve lifting your own body weight help improve your posture and strengthen and protect your skeletal system.

Low Bridge with Leg Raise Low Bridge with Leg Raise
The Low Bridge with Leg Raise is an exercise that targets the hamstrings and the abdominal muscles. It makes use of your own body weight to create resistance. Learn how to do this exercise with the help of our animation and easy-to-follow steps.

Stability Ball Exercises
Learn how to progress in your core strength - from beginner to advanced movements - by doing different exercises on the stability ball.

Core Exercise Ball Workout
A Core Exercise Ball Workout is great not only for strengthening the core of the body, but also in improving your balance and posture for sports and day to day activities.

Oblique Exercises for a Trim Waist
This oblique exercise sequence based on Pilates mat work can really trim your waistline. Check out the great exercises in this section and get started today.

Learn the different Physical Fitness Exercises thoroughly, and you will know what kind of Fitness Exercise best suits you. All Physical Exercises provide benefits to your health and well-being. You just have to pick an exercise or training that suits your lifestyle and needs.

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