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In performing physical fitness exercises, you need to be thoroughly prepared. Moreover, you need to have a correct understanding about what you are doing. If you are a beginner who would like to get started with Fitness, you have found the right place. This section has been especially prepared for beginners like you. In this section, you will learn the basic essentials you need to know when starting out.

Fitness - Beginner's Guide Fitness - Beginner's Guide
This section provides an overview about the basic components of fitness, tips on how to set your specific fitness goals, and pointers on how to select a gym that is appropriate for your fitness needs.

Assessing your Fitness Level Assessing your Fitness Level
Examine your weight and Body Mass Index or BMI upon reading this section.The foundation of all your Fitness Plans is built on your Fitness Level evaluation.

How Muscles Work
Muscle and Fitness go hand in hand. Understanding How Muscles Work will help you target Specific Types of Training to achieve your Fitness Goals.

Choosing a Fitness Method
This section contains a range of options that will help you determine what Type of Fitness Activity might be most suitable for your Fitness Routine.

Fitness Trainer - Qualifications
Hiring a fitness trainer can be a very difficult process. In this section, know the qualifications of a Fitness Trainer and the reasons why you should hire a personal trainer.

Fitness Routine - Warm-up and Cool-down
Whatever form of exercise we do during the actual workout, our body condition differs greatly from the normal body condition. Learn about our body's link between the normal and exercise condition.

Stretching Guidelines
While Stretching appears a bit bland compared to resistance exercises, without a Good Stretch, all your hard work at the gym would go to waste. This section will help you improve and make the most out of your stretches. Read here for more information.

Types of Stretching
Although there are various types of stretching, the Two Basic Types of Stretches are the Ballistic Stretch and the Static Stretch. These two stretches are essential in your Warm-up and Cool-down Fitness Routine. Learn these two stretches in this section.

Resistance Training Fitness Basics
Performing simple, often repetitive movements help you focus work on a particular muscle or group of muscles. To understand Resistance Training and to help you use your Fitness Programs effectively, read this section for information.

Fitness Training with Weights on a Gym Machine
You can also use weights on a gym machine for your fitness training. This section contains the ten most common Fitness Exercises for weight machines which you could do in most weight rooms. Read here for more information.

Fitness Calculators & Fitness Calculations
Knowing all about Fitness Calculators and Fitness Calculations is an essential part of your Fitness Program. This section offers instant calculations of your height, height, BMI and TRH.

Fitness Weight Loss
Some people go to the gym to lose weight. This article shows you some exercises, sports and diets that you can try when you're really bent on losing weight and living a healthier life.

Physical Fitness Tests
Before trying a new sport, assess your strength, endurance, and flexibility through physical fitness tests. These tests will guide you on how you should set the pace in doing physical activities.

Exercise Myths
This section focuses on some common Exercise Myths and misconceptions. Learn to move away from them and be able to exercise efficiently and less prone to injuries.

Smarter Way to Lose Weight
If you're interested in getting and keeping a healthy body, it is best to shift your focus away from the scale. Learn the smarter way of losing unwanted fats without starving yourself.

Isometric Exercises
Isometric Exercises, collectively called Isometrics, entail muscular contraction against immobile objects, such as walls, for a specific period of time.

Fitness - Sleep & Rest
The body also needs rest to remain healthy. Anyone cannot function well if rest-deprived. After an intense physical exercise, for example, you need to rest for several minutes to relax the tired muscles or to slow the heart rate.

Fitness for Kids
It is important that at a young age, your kids are fit, strong, and healthy. It will help them to be alert and most of all, enjoy life and have fun.

Strength Training for Women
As women age, they should build their exercise routines around Strength Training. In this section, learn the importance and benefits of Strength Training for women.

Developing Healthy Habits
Walking is one of the best exercises to incorporate into your daily activities. In this section, learn the benefits of taking a brisk 30-minute walk every day for 30 days.

Benefits of Making Healthy Choices
You are responsible for and must live with the consequences of the daily choices in your life. Itís never too late to choose a healthy lifestyle and reap the benefits.

Exercise - The Key to Good Health
Exercise does not have to be vigorous in order for you to gain health benefits. A Surgeon General's report on physical activity has concluded that moderate amounts of exercise can improve your health.

Keeping Love Handles in Check
If you are trying to work your love handles, crunches will not do the job. In this section, learn some tips on how to keep your love handles in check.

Like any other physical activity, you need to be knowledgeable and thoroughly prepared when pursuing Physical Fitness. We hope that this section has served as a learning guide for you in getting started with Physical Fitness. Study this section for you to learn how to choose a fitness method, assess your fitness level, and select proper fitness diets.

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