Pole Dance

Pole Dance If you are getting bored on your Fitness routine and are looking for a different type of workout that is both effective and fun to do, try Pole Dance or Pole Dancing.

In Pole Dancing, the dancer uses a pole to perform a wide array of maneuvers. The pole dancer can climb, spin around the pole, and even make acrobatic-like moves.

Sensual movements, strip clubs, and erotic dancers are usually associated when Pole Dance is talked about, but nowadays, Pole Dance is considered as a fun and creative way to stay in shape and lose weight. It is now an increasingly popular type of workout because it is a fun way to shed unwanted pounds, so it is not surprising that more and more Fitness centers and gyms offer Pole Dancing classes. Combining fun and weight loss is actually a very good idea. Who does not want an activity that is fun to do and helps you lose weight or stay in shape?

Since this physically-demanding exercise makes use of almost all muscle groups, it is a great way to stay fit, tone the body, and improve flexibility and strength, especially in the upper body.

A dance pole is usually a hollow pole made of brass or steel, and is attached securely from floor to ceiling, although this is not always the case. In a stage pole or in Fitness centers that have high ceilings, the other end is not attached.

When it comes to clothes for Pole Dancing, the pole dancer typically wears clothing with the arms and legs exposed. This allows better grip to the pole, enabling him or her to perform different moves easily and safely.

As a safety measure, do not apply lotion before a Pole Dancing session. This will make the pole slippery. Also, do some warm-up and Stretching Exercises before the Pole Dance.

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