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Fitness Basics and Background Information

  What is Fitness?
Take a look at what Fitness and Physical Fitness is.

  Fitness History
This section discusses the chronological view of the Fitness History and how it gained popularity.

  Why do Fitness?
This section discusses the list of reasons why you should Be Fit or why you need to Be Fit.

Fitness – Getting Started

  Fitness - Beginner's Guide
Learn tips on how to start your Fitness routine in the right track in this section.

    The Components of a Fitness Workout
This section contains a list of the 5 basic components of physical fitness and some tips on how to assess these personal workouts.

    Setting Your Fitness Goals
Learn simple instructions on how to Set Your achievable but realistic Fitness Goals with the help of this section.

    Choosing a Gym
Check this section for guidelines before joining a health club or gym.

  Assessing your Fitness Level
This section will discuss an evaluation for your Fitness Level before going through your Fitness Program.

    Weight Inspection
Take a look on how your weight can affect your Fitness Program in this section.

    Get Your Heart Rate
This section discusses a guide on how to Get and Calculate your Heart Rate and its importance in your Fitness Excercises.

    Know Your Body Mass Index(BMI)
Find out what Body Mass Index (BMI) is, how to calculate it, and its importance in assessing your fitness level in this section.

  How Muscles Work
Understanding how muscles work will help you target specific types of training to achieve your fitness goals.

  Muscle Hypertrophy
Muscle Hypertrophy or Muscle Fiber Hypertrophy is the term that refers to the increase in the size of a person's muscles. There are several factors that make this happen aside from the usual Resistance Training. Factors such as age and nutrition also come into play in this situation.

  Choosing a Fitness Method
Read this section for guidelines in choosing the Fitness Activity that will suit your needs and lifestyle in this section.

  Fitness Trainer - Qualifications
In this section, know the qualifications of a Fitness Trainer and the reasons why you should hire a personal trainer.

  Fitness Routine - Warm-up and Cool-down
Find out the difference between Warm-up exercises and Cool-Down exercise. Get to know their importance of these fitness routines.

  Stretching Guidelines
Take a look on some Pointers on how to Stretch and when to Stretch in this section.

  Fitness Exercises - Types of Stretching
Take a look at the different Types of Stretching exercise and some examples in this section.

  Resistance Training Fitness Basics
This section discusses the Basics of Resistance Training and some common Weight Training Jargons.

  Resistance Training for Seniors
It's never too late to exercise. Older adults who begin an exercise program that includes resistance training can reap many benefits. Learn more in this section.

  Fitness Training with Weights on a Gym Machine
This section discusses a list of the ten Most Common Exercises for Weight training equipment and the corresponding instructions on how to perform them.

  Fitness Calculators & Fitness Calculations
This Fitness section will provide you with instant calculations of your Height and Weight, BMI, and Target Heart Rate, with the corresponding interpretation based from the data you entered.

  Fitness Weight Loss
Learn how you can lose weight through the proper diet and exercises in this article.

  Physical Fitness Tests
Physical fitness tests are important in assessing one’s physical prowess.

  Exercise Myths
Some people believe in fitness myths that make their exercises inefficient or completely useless. Read about some of them here so you can avoid falling into the same predicament.

  Smarter Way to Lose Weight
Get off the scale and on the right track. In this section, learn how to lose not only extra pounds but also those unwanted fats that you are dying to get rid of.

  Isometric Exercises
Isometric Exercises, collectively called Isometrics, entail muscular contraction against immobile objects, such as walls, for a specific period of time. Know more about Isometrics in this section.

  Fitness - Sleep & Rest
The body also needs rest to remain healthy. Anyone cannot function well if rest-deprived. After an intense physical exercise, for example, you need to rest for several minutes to relax the tired muscles or to slow the heart rate.

  Fitness for Kids
This section covers some simple guidelines on how to help your kids become fit and healthy.

  Strength Training for Women
In this section, learn the importance and benefits of Strength Training for women as they age.

  Developing Healthy Habits
In this section, learn the benefits of taking a brisk 30-minute walk every day for 30 days.

  Benefits of Making Healthy Choices
Let’s talk about the power of your daily choices and how they affect your health.

  Exercise - The Key to Good Health
Exercise does not have to be vigorous in order for you to gain health benefits. A Surgeon General's report on physical activity has concluded that moderate amounts of exercise can improve your health.

  Keeping Love Handles in Check
If you are trying to work your love handles, crunches will not do the job. In this section, learn some tips on how to keep your love handles in check.

Athletes train regularly to be able to perform effectively in sports and vigorous physical activities. However, some athletes exercise too much. This can lead to Fitness Overtraining.

Fitness Exercises

  Fitness Exercises - Neck and Shoulder Stretches
Find out how to do the Basic Neck and Shoulder Stretches in this section.

  Fitness Exercises - Chest and Arm Stretches
Find out how to do the Basic Chest and Arm Stretches in this section.

  Fitness Exercises - Back Stretches
Find out how to do the Basic Back Stretches in this section.

  Fitness Exercises - Leg Stretches
Find out how to do the basic leg stretches in this section, including the hip flexor stretch, and the ones for your glute, inner thigh, and calf.

  Fitness Exercises - Stretching Sequences
This section contains suggested Sequential Stretches for a good and relaxing Stretch.

  Arm or Biceps Curl (Training with Free Weights)
This article contains instructions on how to do the arm and biceps curl.

  Triceps Curl (Training with Free Weights)
This article contains instructions on how to do the triceps curl.

  Forward Arm Raise (Training with Free Weights)
This article contains instructions on how to do the forward arm raise.

  Lateral Raise (Training with Free Weights)
This article contains instructions on how to do the lateral raise.

  Bench Press (Training with Free Weights)
This article contains instructions on how to do the bench press.

  Fly (Training with Free Weights)
This article contains instructions on how to do the fly.

  Walking Lunges (Training with Free Weights)
The Walking Lunge is a variation of the Lunge. This exercise enables you to strengthen your muscles more - your hamstrings, gluteals, and quadriceps.

  Dumbbell Squats (Training with Free Weights)
Learn how to do the Dumbell Squat in this section. Get familiar with this exercise now!

  Upper Back Exercises
Building a wide back is every bodybuilder's dream. This is often termed as one of the most difficult areas to train by bodybuilders due to non-visibility. In this section, learn different exercises which target your upper back.

  Basic Crunch (Training with Your Own Body Weight)
This article contains instructions on how to do the basic crunch.

  Reverse Curl (Training with Your Own Body Weight)
The reverse curl is a variation of abdominal crunch that targets the lower part of the abdominal section and puts less strain on the neck area. Learn the crunches and fitness techniques in this section.

  Full Crunch (Training with Your Own Body Weight)
This is the most advanced abdominal exercise. The Full Crunch works the entire stomach area by combining the Basic Crunch and the Reverse Curl.

  Lunges (Training with Your Own Body Weight)
This section discusses a list of the Basic Excercises for Training with Your Own Body Weight like instructions on doing lunges and its advantages.

  Basic Push-Up (Training with Your Own Body Weight)
This article contains instructions on how to do the most basic activity among all other resistance exercises - the push up workout. Start your exercise with the proper push ups.

  Rear Leg Lifts (Training with Your Own Body Weight)
This article contains instructions on how to do the rear leg lifts.

  Squats (Training with Your Own Body Weight)
This article contains instructions on how to do the Squats.

  Triceps Dips (Training with Your Own Body Weight)
This article contains instructions on how to do the triceps dips.

  Low Bridge with Leg Raise (Training with Your Own Body Weight)
The Low Bridge with Leg Raise is an exercise that targets the hamstrings and the abdominal muscles.

  Fitness Ball Hamstring Curl
The Fitness Ball Hamstring Curl is a leg exercise that targets the hamstrings, glutes and core. The use of a Fitness Ball will aid in improving stability, strength, and balance.

  Stability Ball Exercises
In this section, learn how to improve balance, coordination, core strength and flexibility with the use of stability ball.

  Core Exercise Ball Workout
A Core Exercise Ball Workout is great not only for strengthening the core of the body, but also in improving your balance and posture for sports and day to day activities.

  Oblique Exercises for a Trim Waist
This oblique exercise sequence based on Pilates mat work can really trim your waistline. Check out the great exercises in this section and get started today.

Fitness Nutrition & Diet

  Fitness Nutrition & Diet - Check Your Calories
Learn the Effect of your Calorie Intake to your Weight Control and Several Ways to Decrease Calories off your daily intake in this section.

  Fitness Nutrition & Diet - Fat Attack
Take a look on the effect of Fats to your Fitness Routine and Weight Control and the difference between Good Fats and Bad Fats in this section.

  Fitness Nutrition & Diet - Water Intake
Find out the Importance of Water Intake when doing your Fitness Exercises in this section.

  Water Therapy
Water Therapy is a form of alternative medicine. It is a natural therapy that involves the use of water internally (drinking) or externally (bathing).

  South Beach Diet
The South Beach Diet focuses on the consumption of “good carbs” and “good fats”. Know the three phases of the South Beach Diet in this section.

  Vegetarian Diet
One of the most common plant-based diets is the Vegetarian Diet or vegetarianism. It only includes foods from plants, excluding all kinds of meat and meat products.

  Protein in your Diet
In this section, know the importance of having protein in your diet and the reasons why you need a protein supplement.

  Good Carbs VS. Bad Carbs
Carbohydrates are definitely a must in your diet. These are your body’s primary source of energy.

  Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders are a real threat especially to ordinary folks who may not even be aware that they suffer from these conditions.

  Emotional Eating
Emotional Eating yields emotional results. Learn what these results are in this section.

  Pre-workout and Post-workout Tips
In this section, learn some post-workout strategies to optimize the body's natural ability to process excess post oxygen consumption and the specific adaptation on imposed demands. These are strategies that are conducive to body fat loss and to increase lean muscle mass.

  Diet Myths
Many diets being snapped up by people on the lookout for fast and easy ways to shed those pounds sound too good to be true - and it's because they actually are. Here are some Diet Myths and the truth behind the fiction and the hype.

  Dietary Supplements
Dietary Supplements are defined as products which are intended to complement your regular diet and supply the needed nutrients which are missing in your diet.

Fitness Variations
This section contains a list of Aerobic Exercises, their short descriptions, Targeted Body Muscles or areas, and suggested ways to Incorporate them in your Fitness Plan.

Learn how to incorporate Walking in your Fitness Program.

  Running and Jogging
Learn how to incorporate Running and Jogging in your Fitness Program.

Learn how to incorporate Swimming in your Fitness Program.

Learn how to incorporate Skating in your Fitness Program.

Learn how to incorporate Bicycling in your Fitness Program.

Learn how to incorporate Hiking in your Fitness Program.

  Cross-Country Skiing
Learn how to incorporate Cross-Country Skiing in your Fitness Program.

Learn how to incorporate Yoga in your Fitness Program.

  Circuit and Interval Training
In this training program, you have a predefined "circuit" or group of excercises that are repeated in a cycle. Learn more about Circuit and Interval Training in this section.

  Fitness & Martial Arts
Martial Arts can be done as training for self-defense or as a sport, and are an excellent way of keeping you in good shape and at the same time, developing your self-esteem and self-discipline.

Capoeira involves avoiding the opponent's attack through gravity-defying moves like swinging, jumping, turning, and flipping. Learn more in this section.

  Water Fitness
Find out about this low-impact fitness activity in this article.

  Aerobic (or Cardio) Fitness
Take a look at what Cardio or Aerobic Exercise is and its importance in your Fitness Program.

  Cardiovascular Training
Cardiovascular training is a very important fitness component. When choosing a cardio activity, be sure to find something that you enjoy doing.

  Cardio Exercises - Types
Cardio is used in reference to exercises and/or equipment intended for cardiovascular fitness and endurance training (aerobic exercise). "To do cardio" is a common term which means to engage in Running or other endurance training for a set period of time.

  Mental Fitness
Aside from being physically fit, it is also very important to have a healthy mind.

  Body Building & Toning
Body Building is almost always synonymous to muscle development, while Body Toning is associated with getting a slender physique. Know more about these two Fitness terms in this section.

Plyometrics is an advanced training technique which trains the muscles to quickly generate explosive power.

Pilates is a method of exercise and physical movement designed to strengthen, stretch and balance the body. It uses controlled movements in the form of exercises or equipment to strengthen and tone the body.

  Pole Dance
If you are getting bored on your Fitness routine and are looking for a different type of workout that is both effective and fun to do, try Pole Dance or Pole Dancing.

Fitness Equipment and Gear Overview

  Fitness Equipment & Machines
This section provides you with the necessary information for buying Home Gym Equipment.

    Home Fitness Equipment Overview
This section provides a list of common Fitness Equipment that will suit your Fitness Goals or Program.

    Buying Fitness Equipment
This section provides a list of guidelines Before Buying a Fitness Equipment and When Buying a Fitness Equipment.

    Home Gyms
In this section, know the features and drawbacks of having a Home Gym.

    Rowing Machines
Rowing Machines are one of the most popular pieces of Fitness equipment. In this section, know what to look for when buying a Rowing Machine.

    Fitness Bikes
Get familiar with the different features of a Fitness Bike and know the basic things to consider when buying this Fitness equipment.

    Treadmill Buying Guide - How to Buy Treadmills
In this section, know what to look for when buying a Treadmill.

  Fitness Paraphernalia
Find out what options and recommendations might be useful for your Fitness Program in this section.

  Fitness Balls
Also known as stability balls, Swiss balls, exercise balls or Pilates balls, Fitness Balls are usually made of poly-vinyl chloride material. These come in different sizes, from 35cm to 85cm in diameter.

  Exercise Mats
Exercise Mats, also called Fitness Mats or workout mats, are usually used in different stretching and floor exercises, as well as in Yoga, Pilates, and other activities.

  Fitness Apparel
Here are some common sense pointers on what you may or may not wear for various Fitness Activities, how to wear it, and why you should wear it.

    Gym Clothes
Here are some common sense pointers on what you may or may not Wear in the Gym, how to wear it, and why you should wear it.

    Aerobic and Outdoor Activity Clothes
Find out what Fitness clothes to wear and when to wear it for your outdoor and aerobic workout in this section.

    Winter Fitness Wear
Learn tips on what to wear for your Winter Fitness Activities in this section.

  Fitness Devices
Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, and Body Fat Analyzer are some of the devices that will be useful in monitoring your progress in your Fitness program.

Fitness Safety

  Fitness Safety Tips
We’re always up to our toes to lose the extra pounds. The problem is, others tend to overdo it to speed up getting back into shape. Here are just a few reminders on how to keep sweating towards a healthier you – less the injury and risk factors.

  Common Fitness & Workout Injuries
Know the different injuries that you may encounter while working out and learn how to prevent them.

  Pilates & Back Pain - Common Pilates Injuries to Avoid
There are some Pilates exercises that can contribute to back pain. Find out some better and safer ways to do these classic moves.

  Pre-natal Guidelines for the Athletic Mom
This section covers some basic guidelines for pregnant women who have participated in a long-term physical training program prior to being pregnant.

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