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Leg Stretches | Abductor Muscle Stretching Exercise

One of the major benefits of Stretching is that it increases your flexibility. While Stretching may appear a bit bland as compared with resistance exercises such as Training with Free Weights and Weight Training Exercises, without a good stretch, all your hard work at the gym will not be complete.

The Abduction Stretch or Outer Thigh Stretch cuts the risk of injury from strenuous exercise and lessens muscle soreness. Although the hip abductor muscles work with your other muscles when performing exercises such as Squats and Lunges, it would be really great if you choose to isolate them.
Leg muscles such as the hip flexor are often neglected. That's why it is important to do exercises that target those muscles.

STEP 1: Sit (on the floor or mat) with your legs straight out in front of you.

STEP 2: Bend your right leg, crossing over your left leg so that the foot is on the outside of the knee.

Moosejaw Mountaineering
STEP 3: Use your left arm to ease the knee across the body, with your right arm for support until you feel the stretch in the outer thigh. Hold for 12-15 seconds and then repeat on the other leg.

A lot of people are doing hundreds of reps of abduction and adduction exercises in the hope of burning fat and slimming their thighs. Unfortunately, if you just concentrate on a particular muscle and that muscle works hard enough, it gets bigger, not smaller. Also, the muscle that you are exercising has nothing to do with where fat is burned. So, while there are many reasons to work these muscles, shrinking your thighs isn't one of them.

With all those accumulated tension our bodies take each day, it would be relaxing to get into a really Good Stretching Session. For a great full, upper, or lower body Stretching Sequences, go to Fitness Exercises - Stretching Sequences.

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Article Comments
John Armstrong
Thursday 25th February 2010 at 10:09:53 AM  

I have had a hip replacement and am working hard to strengthen my abductor muscles. Your site showed me some exercises I was unaware of, but more importantly some stretches that I really need. I have bookmarked this site. Thank you.

jump program
Monday 18th October 2010 at 4:19:15 AM  

This is my first time to see this type of stretching. As we know stretching is one good way to stay in shape and be more flexible.

Mary Ellen Rotolo
Wednesday 23rd March 2011 at 10:28:01 PM  

As a Physical Therapist Assistant, I am responding to John Armstrong''s message of Thursday 25th February 2010 at 10:09:53 AM as well as to the ABC OF FITNESS site. Be aware that person''s who have had a hip replacement should not be crossing their legs as in this Abductor Stretch and should always check with their physician or physical therapist before adding exercises/stretches that include crossing legs, flexing hip beyond 90 degrees, or internally rotating the hip secondary to the possibility of dislocation. Person''s with knee replacements must be careful of activity that rotates the knee.

I know this genlemen posted a year ago but if anyone else sees his post I hope they will read mine as well and take heed.

BTW: I am very pleased with this website-;thank you for this resource and the opportunity to share my opinions and thoughts.

Wednesday 13th April 2011 at 9:13:10 PM  


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