Fitness News Sunday 13th July 2008

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Très Jazz - Jazzercise International Convention
  Très Jazz - Jazzercise International Convention is set from July 10 - 13 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The convention, which happens only once every five years, will offer more than 60 classes and workshops, including traditional jazzercise, kickboxing, body sculpting, yoga, and Pilates. The convention will have an opening night show which will feature performances from the Giordano Jazz Dance C
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IDEA World Fitness Convention in Las Vegas
  A convergence of fitness professionals and enthusiasts will unfold once again at the annual IDEA World Fitness Convention from July 8 to 12 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The convention will begin with pre-convention workshops on the 8th, and will feature seminars and training classes such as STOTT Pilates, Schwinn Instructor Training and Fit4Mom. Attendees may opt t
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Explore the City w/ Walking for Pleasure Brisbane
  Australia - A new way to discover Brisbane now includes developing one's health and fitness. Walking for Pleasure Brisbane, Inc. (W4PB), a non-profit organization, currently promotes Brisbane tourism on foot, allowing each individual to get in shape while enjoying the sights and landmarks in the city. Formed in 1988, W4PB has trained volunteers to lead each walk group in various locations aro
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Chi Walking & Chi Running: Fitness with Relaxation
  Running and Walking are popular fitness exercises, but the effects of such activities may result to injuries and severe damage to one's knees, hips, and muscles. Nevertheless, one can still enjoy and reap the benefits of these exercises with the development of Chi Running and Chi Walking. Chi Running and Chi Walking have evolved from the usual form of running and walking. These integrate the
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Inner IDEA Conference Details Announced
  San Diego - IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the leading membership organization of health and fitness professionals worldwide with more than 23,000 members in over 80 countries, announces its third annual Inner IDEA Conference focused on experiencing wellness through mind, body, and spirit. The conference, which will be held on September 11th to 14th, will return to the La Quinta Resort & Club
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