Cuts Fitness for Men Launches Fitness Guide


Cuts Fitness for Men is dedicated to providing a 30-minute workout plan to better suit men who don’t have the time or desire to exercise in traditional gyms. In efforts to continue that mission, John Gennaro, Cuts’ founder and president, has created a user-friendly and informative handbook called Cuts Fitness For Men: The Ultimate 30-Minute Workout.

The guide includes health, eating and lifestyle advice and is illustrated with more than one hundred photographs. The book can be purchased at the local Cuts Fitness for Men and at major book stores nationwide.

“The book and the Cuts program are designed with the ‘average guy’ in mind. We provide a full-body workout for men of all ages, shapes and fitness levels that isn’t intimidating,” said Gennaro. “The book provides another outlet for men to get the fitness results they desire.”

Established in 2003, Cuts Fitness for Men is the leading men’s fitness franchise in North America. Its express circuit workout provides an ideal setting for men, of all ages, who are seeking an effective, speedy exercise routine and appreciate an upscale, small environment.

Similar to Curves for Women, Cuts for Men offers a 30-minute circuit workout. But, the franchise’s mission is to connect men with better health and in the process, help men get a more “cut” physique. Each franchise has 16 different strength and cardiovascular stations with each lasting just 40 seconds.

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