FirstStreet Brings Mental Fitness Products


FirstSTREET, a Top 400 Internet Retailer and catalog company, announces the addition of MindFit™ to its online and offline solution offerings. The leader in innovative gifts and gadgets for Baby Boomers and Beyond, FirstStreet responded to the needs of its customers for products promoting mental fitness. MindFit™ which received the 2007 Business and Aging Award by the American Society on Aging (ASA), serves as the cornerstone of this response.

Just like the rest of the body, a normal brain benefits greatly from activity, from some fitness training and regular mental exercise. Active seniors who keep an eye on their physical fitness should know that they can stay mentally fit, too, with a modest and regular regimen for the brain. It's an important cycle: brain activity and fitness increase blood flow, and blood flow brings with it food for brain cells.

Two important discoveries about the brain reveal: (1) its capacity to change in response to the stimulation of learning and experience: and (2) its ability to restore its functions diminished by disuse and disease. So what is needed to accomplish these goals? An important element is diverse mental stimulation.

Crosswords and Sudoku, though beneficial, are not by themselves sufficient. The key word is "diverse" mental stimulation. You can't just do the Jumble every day and bring your brain to peak performance.

Once people get to middle age, most of us start to fear (and to notice) little lapses in memory - a face unrecognized, an appointment forgotten, a name lost and as years pass, people are constantly on the lookout for changes in recall, perception and reasoning. These concerns are scary -- until we realize that mental agility can be honed and saved.

Now there is a personal "brain trainer" to evaluate exactly what an individual's state of mental fitness is and to deliver the specialized "workout" program each person's brain needs. The ground-breaking MindFit software accesses the mental strengths and weaknesses of the user and creates a unique training session just for that individual. For instance, should the computer tests determine that you need work on short term memory, the program might schedule a training session on a game called Supermind, which moves you from a fairly easy memory game into a series of more difficult memory tasks.

MindFit is patented and innovative software designed for individuals who wish to maintain a vital, agile and vigorous mind. Just 20 minutes a day, three times a week -- that's all that's needed to help keep a brain activated and energized.

This is individualized software, designed to address the specific needs not just of those perceiving a decline in cognitive ability (relating to memory, perception, attention span, hand-eye coordination, etc.) but also those still enjoying well-developed cognitive abilities who want to maintain and improve those functions.

MindFit is fitness for the mind, and it comes in an easy-to-use, non-threatening format. It is user friendly even to those with little or no previous computer experience. This software works only on PCs with Windows 2000 or higher and Pentium III processor or higher. It's sold via FirstStreet for $149.95.

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