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MONDAY, 30 JULY 2021
Klum Admits Having Struggles With Getting Fit
  Klum Admits Having Struggles With Getting Fit Think world-class models and prominent runway figures aren’t experiencing struggles with fitness at one point of their lives? Nah! Think again. Even supermodel like Heidi Klum also experiences certain qualms in the issues on fitness. "I was never a skinny, skinny type…” says Klum in an interview with Britain's Easy Living magazine. “I used to complain that I couldn't seem to fit into the clo
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Fitness Program for Cancer Survivors
  Fitness Program for Cancer Survivors Who says game and fitness are only for healthy kids? The Professional Athletic Performance Center recently unveiled its latest fitness program for the children who once suffered the turmoil of cancer and underwent chemotherapy at one point of their lives. Called BACK IN THE GAME, this fitness program is an innovative 12-week fitness course designed to help the young cancer survivors recover
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Healthy Choice? Fitness Programs for Kids
  Healthy Choice? Fitness Programs for Kids Kid Fitness, Incorporated and The United Way of Chattanooga recently announced its partnership in developing further the health and fitness of pre-school to grade school students by providing consultations in the “Fun Fitness Break,” the grade school teachers’ kits. Furthermore, the said partnership aims to join in the creation and expansion of a community plan to address children’s heal
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FRIDAY, 20 JULY 2021
A Fitness Centre for All Your Fitness Needs
  A Fitness Centre for All Your Fitness Needs If you’re looking for a fitness centre that’s got all the health-and-fit-stimulating equipments and activities that fitness buff like you needs, then Club Solaris is the perfect place for you. A project of the Solaris group, Club Solaris is a newly-established fitness centre that’s perfectly equipped with international playing surfaces and a very spacious area where members and fitness b
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Church Offers Fitness Programs
  Church Offers Fitness Programs If you think all that the church can do is to preach the good news about God and to lecture about how to be good and fight temptations, better think again. The church is all for fitness of the people, too. The Plainfield Christian Church recently announced its Fun-Fitness program for children ages 5-12. Hand in hand with the fitness program for the kids, the church also offers aerobic classe
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