Fitness Program for Cancer Survivors


Who says game and fitness are only for healthy kids?

The Professional Athletic Performance Center recently unveiled its latest fitness program for the children who once suffered the turmoil of cancer and underwent chemotherapy at one point of their lives.

Called BACK IN THE GAME, this fitness program is an innovative 12-week fitness course designed to help the young cancer survivors recover their strength, balance, flexibility, and confidence. Furthermore, this could also improve their over-all fitness. According to Rob Panariello, the co-owner of the Center and a licensed physical therapist, Back in the Game was an idea of a father of a young cancer survivor who had been searching for a program for his son. The boy was very eager to play football again. However, due to his sickness and treatments he underwent, he lacked in strength and stamina needed for the said sport.

With the help of some prominent pediatric cancer specialists and fitness experts, they designed Back In the Game, which further helps children accelerate their assimilation into everyday sports and physical activities. The program was launched last year and has served 44 young people, ages 5 to 18, to date.

We start with a careful physical evaluation to determine their fitness level and what they are capable of doing, says Paul Fick, director of the program. We give them a series of physical fitness tests, and after the evaluation, we design a program specially tailored to meet their individual needs. Its terrific to see their progress, and as they become more physically fit, their confidence gets a big boost.

Once they receive medical clearance from their doctors, children and teens receive a one-on-one evaluation and consultation, individualized physical therapy to meet their specific needs, group fitness training and conditioning exercises.

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