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Members Petition Reopening of Fitness Center
  Members Petition Reopening of Fitness Center      The loyal members of a gym in downtown New Albany, which recently closed without prior notice, are very much adamant in looking for ways to re-open it. Just last Friday and Saturday, David McClain, the main organizer of the said effort collected about 100 signatures from members who want to keep The Fitness Zone operating. According to McClain, the said fitness gym "is kind of like
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Progressive Health Club Raises the Bar for Women
  Progressive Health Club Raises the Bar for Women A fast-growing women’s fitness concept out of Michigan is gaining muscle in the $15.9 billion health club industry, selling 70 new locations, earning rave reviews from existing members and winning the respect of fitness gurus for its approach as the next generation women’s fitness chain that “doesn’t insult women.” Unlike the bare-bones approach offered by the majority of women’s clubs, Fit
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High-Class Fitness Center in Washtenaw
  High-Class Fitness Center in Washtenaw Washtenaw Community College is now boasting of its high-class Health and Fitness Center which costs a whopping $19 million for the construction and top of the line equipments. The center has a variety of high-end touches. The weight training areas are carpeted, the tracks are elevated, and there’s also a two-story atrium and windows that enables natural light to flow throughout. Those i
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Health and Fitness Enthusiasts To Be Honored
  Health and Fitness Enthusiasts To Be Honored The fitness industry in Kiwi is set to honor those health and fitness buffs in New Zealand who provide world-class health solutions to the people. The black-tie ceremony will be held at the Hyatt Regency Auckland this coming Friday, August 31, 2007. With more than 10% of the New Zealand population now seeing an exercise professional regularly, the annual Fitness Life Awards celebrate tho
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Get Active and Get Healthy
  Get Active and Get Healthy Since we are now living in a fast-paced and very high-tech world, most people nowadays are getting more and more lazy. According to a research conducted in Canada, 48% of Canadians aged 12 and over -- or about 12.7 million people -- are inactive, getting the equivalent of less than a half-hour of walking each day, according to research from Statistics Canada released on Wednesday. Many phys
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