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Vibrating Exercise Machines - Safe or Not?
  Vibrating Exercise Machines - Safe or Not? Researchers at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas say that popular vibrating exercise platforms used in gyms and in workouts may exceed safety limits. They found that 10 minutes of vibration on the machines exceeded the recommended daily whole-body vibration exposure defined by the ISO or International Organization for Standardization. Frequent exposure to whole-body vibration has bee
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Eating an Apple a Day May Reduce Calorie Intake
  Eating an Apple a Day May Reduce Calorie Intake A new study at the Pennsylvania State University shows that an apple a day keeps the calories at bay. People who ate an apple 15 minutes before lunch consumed almost 190 fewer calories than when they didn’t have an apple. Julie Flood, a researcher at Penn State said, “This suggests that eating something like a piece of fruit that's low in calories before your meal might be a great strateg
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RIAS Partners w/ National Trust to Promote Walking
  RIAS Partners w/ National Trust to Promote Walking People will be stepping into their walking boots and enjoying spectacular country and coastal walks thanks to a new partnership between over 50s insurer RIAS and the National Trust. The partnership has been announced as research from RIAS shows that as many as 86 per cent of us are failing to walk the recommended 10,000 steps needed each day to promote a healthy heart and prevent obe
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Breastfeeding Reduces Breast Cancer Risk
  Breastfeeding Reduces Breast Cancer Risk (NewsTarget) - Women can reduce their risk of breast cancer by breastfeeding, even if they have their first child later in life, according to a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Los Angeles. "As more women may choose to delay pregnancy until after 25, it is important to note that breastfeeding provides protection against both estrogen
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Change the Ground you Walk on with MBT
  Change the Ground you Walk on with MBT Today's world is filled with flat, man-made surfaces, yet this isn't what our bodies were designed to walk on. Continuous walking on flat, hard and even ground actually robs you of the benefits gained from walking on natural surfaces such as grass and sand and contributes to daily aches, pains and poor posture. Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT) has developed a range of physiological fo
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