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RIAS, National Trust Promote Walking this Winter
  RIAS, National Trust  Promote Walking this Winter RIAS is encouraging people to beat the bulge this Christmas by being more active. The over 50s insurer has joined together with the National Trust to promote a range of walks that open up the great outdoors to young and old alike; a perfect way to walk off the Christmas turkey while spending more time with the family! The walks can be downloaded free from the National Trust's website: www
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Make 2008 Count with these Eight Great Tips
  Make 2008 Count with these Eight Great Tips Calgary, Canada (PR.COM) - This New Year, let the Executive Edge and Allan H. Fine help you with these 8 Strategies to make 2008 Different. A new dream, a new possibility, a new promise to yourself. According to many studies, weight loss and fitness resolutions are ranked among the highest as a priority on the majority of people's lists of New Year's Resolutions. Then why do so many of us fai
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Exercise: The Miracle Antidepressant Drug?
  Exercise: The Miracle Antidepressant Drug? (NewsTarget) Common wisdom holds that exercise boosts your mood, in addition to benefiting your physical health. Terms such as “endorphins” and “runner’s high” are afloat in the popular lexicon. If you are a person who exercises regularly, or if you know someone who does, you will likely be aware of this bonus that comes along with vigorous physical activity. Ample evidence seems to suggest th
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Nordic Walking Poles Improve Balance & Stability
  Nordic Walking Poles Improve Balance & Stability Glen Arbor, MI (PR.COM) - Over six million Europeans are Nordic Ski Walking every day (all ages and all fitness levels). This is an amazing new fitness activity that turbo charges the normal walking campaign. Not only does Nordic Walking burn up to 40% more calories than regular walking, it automatically improves walking posture and helps to reduce the stress to the shins, knees, hips and bac
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Study Shows Fear can be Great Motivator to Fitness
  Study Shows Fear can be Great Motivator to Fitness A recent study showed that fear of looking unattractive can be a stronger motivation for keeping people going to the gym than the hope of looking good. Researchers at the University of Bath, UK found that those who had been asked to think about a dramatic failure to keep to the program were motivated to keep on the training because they were fearful of not looking good. However, those who were
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