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Make 2008 Count with these Eight Great Tips

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Calgary, Canada (PR.COM) - This New Year, let the Executive Edge and Allan H. Fine help you with these 8 Strategies to make 2008 Different. A new dream, a new possibility, a new promise to yourself. According to many studies, weight loss and fitness resolutions are ranked among the highest as a priority on the majority of people's lists of New Year's Resolutions. Then why do so many of us fail?

Almost all of us need help at some point in time with our lives, our health and our goals. In fact, almost all surveyed said they would need some kind of help in 2008 in sticking to those goals. With that in mind and in anticipation of 2008, here are 8 tips to expand your mind, create new possibilities and ensure your success and your good health:
  1. Write It Down. When you set your goals on paper, not only does it make it real, you can measure whether it's a success or not. Lifecoaches give this tip as the #1 most important thing they get their clients to do. Here is a great goal planner that is free of charge:

  2. The Law of Attraction - Many of you have heard about this. How it works is based on four Basic Principles. Write it down is the second one. Think of it, is the First one. Think about what you do want to happen to you in life. Most of us go around thinking and complaining about what we don't want to have happen to us in life. So think about what you do want to have happen to you. (Then write it down)

  3. Tell everyone you know about your goals and enroll them into your possibilities in your life. You never know who you will inspire and who will lend support in your time of need, keeping you on track.

  4. Plan your work- Work your Plan. As Mother Theresa said, "Prayer without action is like no action at all." You need to be in Action to be successful. The most successful people in the world have a weekly action plan and they follow through.

  5. Eat 5 small meals every day. Make sure each time you eat you have protein with that meal. The majority of people I train only eat 60% of their protein needs every day. So every year, you may be losing 3 -10 lbs of lean muscle. Every year, you may be getting flabbier and flabbier as your body cannibalizes muscle and gains the same weight in fat. The result: flabby body syndrome.

  6. Move your body and remember Weight Training is King. Workout at least 3 times a week for 1 hour each time with light weights and high reps. If you're bored with your routine try something different or hire a trainer for a few sessions to update your program.

  7. Inspire It. Many people set unrealistic goals for New Year without any thought into how it's going to look or how it's going to be achieved. Think about what inspires you to achieve these goals. Why is it so important to be in shape.

  8. Live It. How many of us get up, eat, go to work, come home, eat, watch TV and go to bed only to do the same thing day after day after day. Either you are creating your life every day with passion and purpose or you're reacting to what happens to you every day. So create your life and realize anything is possible.
Allan Fine is a Professional Fitness trainer and Certified Lifecoach. He writes articles for fitness publications and regularly appears on TV. You can contact Allan H. Fine / Fitness / Lifecoach Executive Edge [email protected] Phone: 403-246-7386 Cell:403-389-3386 1-866-308-0606 Mountain Standard Time

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