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Nell McAndrew: Ban the Word 'Diet'
  Nell McAndrew: Ban the Word 'Diet' If you want to lose weight, tone up and get fit then you should just "get stuck in" and "don't diet" according to Nell McAndrew. She adds that putting off exercise means putting on weight. The super fit celebrity offers this advice and much more as Guest Editor of Women's Fitness magazine which hits the shops in the New Year - just when most people are considering going on 'a diet' and/o
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Resolution to Succeed
  Resolution to Succeed Dallas, TX (PR.COM) - Every year, up to 80% of Americans will make a New Year's Resolution and every year, the majority fails, usually fairly quickly. Rather than simply repeating last year's mistakes, a growing number of people are taking advantage of complementary and alternative therapies to improve their chances for success. The most popular category for resolutions (26%) is about health a
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2008 Trend: Moderate Changes in Lifestyle
  2008 Trend: Moderate Changes in Lifestyle The Calorie Control Council predicts these five trends when it comes to dieting, weight loss, and obesity efforts in 2008: Convenience will be the key. Consumers will increasingly prefer convenient, healthy food options over meals that require lengthy preparation time. Exercise will become a family affair. Families will focus on activities that allow them to interact while being active suc
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Eat More, Not Less to Detoxify after the Holidays
  Eat More, Not Less to Detoxify after the Holidays Forget detox fasts and starvation diets, detox is for life, not just for Christmas, and involves eating, not starving. "Popular detox fasts and extreme diets can actually leave you worse off, with loose skin, lower metabolism, poorer circulation and more toxins", says Kensington-based nutritionist and cellulite reduction specialist Georgios Tzenichristos, "to detoxify and lose weight you
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Reality Show that can Make you Look Great in 2008
  Reality Show that can Make you Look Great in 2008 Brandi Boothe, Jocelyn Ann Messick and Azalea Gonzalez are the three participants of Sierra Fitness Challenge, a 16-week fitness reality show in Reno, Nevada. Sierra Fitness Challenge started training and taping December 3 at Sports West Athletic Club. Videos are now readily available at, and Brandi is now able to f
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