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Potato is the Safest Food in Britain
  Potato is the Safest Food in Britain The danger and long-term consequence of eating an unbalanced diet is fed to us on a daily basis, but it has just been revealed that the humble potato, the staple diet to millions, in food intolerance terms, is the safest food in Britain and that's official. The findings come from food intolerance experts,, who have compiled a list of the safest foods in Britain which offer up
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New Workout Incorporates Yoga & Strength Training
  New Workout Incorporates Yoga & Strength Training A new type of workout is making the buzz in New York – the Bar Method. This is a workout that combines aspects of yoga, Pilates, strength training and stretching. This was first introduced in the new studio in Rye Brook called Rye Ridge Studio. The Bar Method, which incorporates a ballet bar, is a California-import rooted in physical therapy. It was developed by German-born dance instruct
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Body Building Event for the Physically-challenged
  Body Building Event for the Physically-challenged INDIA – The Gwalior Business Fair Committee, together with the Madhya Pradesh Body-building Association, organized a gala event where physically-challenged individuals participated in a body building championship. Shailendra Vyas, General Secretary of Ujjain-based MP Body-building Association, said that the objective behind the body-building championship was to motivate the physically cha
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Physician Speaks Out on Responsible Lifestyle
  Physician Speaks Out on Responsible Lifestyle Pittsburgh, PA (PR.COM) - With nationwide coverage of a potential surgical "cure" for diabetes, Pittsburgh pharmacist and naturopathic physician, Darrell Misak, recommends education and lifestyle change before what he called "drastic and irresponsible measures". "I believe people need to be aware that there are short- and long-term consequences of mini-gastric bypass surgery, even the risk of
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Gold’s Gym Offers New Equipment, Facilities
  Gold’s Gym, the internationally renowned fitness club chain, recently opened its newest facility at the Kossman Building, at Forbes Avenue and Stanwix Street. The $3.5 million facility will offer some of the newest available equipment, including pieces featuring entertainment options to make working out more enjoyable. It has the Hoist Roc that provides body movement and exercise with pla
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