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Denver, CO - Opening May 5th in the Landmark Village shops in the DTC, Essential Fitness will offer a new fitness experience for Denver. While most fitness choices center around either a standard gym where members aren't always sure how to best utilize the equipment, and personal training which can be cost-prohibitive over time, Essential Fitness is designed to develop a tailored workout that best suits your needs. The new facility takes the best of personal training and combines it to offer a new gym membership experience.

"We found a large gap between what people wanted from a gym membership and what they actually received. Gyms aren't bad by any means, we just feel that they aren't delivering what people really want and need," said Neil Cestra, co-owner. "Most people want guidance through the process of improving their fitness and health - from goal setting all the way to achievement. Personal trainers provide this service but it comes at a premium. We've developed a way to offer people a highly personalized, structured workout at half the cost."

Essential Fitness is a membership-based personal training studio which bridges the gap between joining a gym and learning how to use it safely and efficiently. Members joining Essential Fitness will enjoy unlimited Tandem and Team workout sessions guided by experienced personal trainers. Members are paired up for a tandem workout that focuses on a specific fitness goal such as upper body/lower body strength, core fitness, flexibility and balance, cardio or total body fitness. Team sessions are limited to six members per session so everything is very individualized and closely supervised by a skilled trainer.

Gym membership and personal training sit on either side of the price spectrum with club membership ranging anywhere from $20-$100 per month, and hiring a trainer, adding another $240-$720 per month on average, sometimes higher. Essential Fitness Membership costs only $325 per month and members can come as often as they like.

The BodyAge System
All Essential Fitness members receive a thorough health assessment with tools such as the Polar BodyAge system. The BodyAge takes users through a 1-hour screening that closely examines areas such as diet, flexibility, strength, and family medical history. From the assessment results, the Bodyage prepares a 20-page booklet listing your most important health indicators and how to improve them. The bodyage estimates the user's risk for five different types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and other serious health risks that could affect longevity. Users are then presented with a "Body age score" which is the user's virtual age that may be higher or lower than the chronological age. The report provides users with specific feedback on how to lower your bodyage score and gives users a low score possibility of how young users could become by following the advice of a personal review.

About Essential Fitness
Essential Fitness owners Eileen and Neil Cestra originally operated Healthy Woman Fitness, a women-only fitness and personal training studio in Cherry Creek North for three years before embarking on their current venture. Essential Fitness will be the first of its kind in Denver and quite possibly the nation. Plans are already in the works to open more locations over the next couple of years. For more information about Essential Fitness or the Landmark, please visit or contact Essential Fitness at 303.394.9000 or via e-mail at [email protected].

About The Landmark
The Landmark, Denver's premier, luxury, residential, retail, and entertainment development in Greenwood Village, Colo., sits between Belleview and Orchard on the west side of I-25 with a panoramic Rocky Mountain view. The Landmark features two residential high rises, The Landmark and The Meridian, as well as The European Village of Homes, including The Manor Homes and The Brownstones, all with five-star amenities for its residents. Footsteps away from luxury living is a fitness center, a spa, dentist, and salon along with The Village Shops, offering the best in dining, shopping, and nightlife. Entertainment spots Comedy Works South and The Landmark Theatre Greenwood Village 6 anchor the Village Shops. Boutiques lie beside them, offering chic fashion for women and classy casual dress for men, as well as other retailers offering home shopping needs, spa treatments, and more. Restaurants outline the Village Shops, serving up a wide array of dining choices. Restaurants include Hapa Sushi, Slattery's Irish Pub, Ted's Montana Grill, Jing, Lime, Chinook, and more. For more information, visit or call (303) 721-0500. (PR.COM)

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