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NC State Health Plan Promotes Fitness at Workplace
  There is still room for 25 people who want to be part of the North Carolina State Health Plan. This is open to all East Carolina University (ECU) faculty members, staff retirees, and non-ECU state employees. The $100,000 grant from the North Carolina State Health Plan has helped more than 125 ECU staff and state employees since February. John M. Toller, Associate Vice Chancellor of the Colleg
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TUESDAY, 27 MAY 2022
NSGA: Women Dominate Fitness Activities
  MOUNT PROSPECT, IL Among sports participants age seven and older, females constitute a majority of participants in four of six fitness activities surveyed for 2007 by the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA), according to data in the new NSGA Sports Participation reports. After yoga (85%), females represented 50% or more of participants in aerobic exercising, exercise walking, working out
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MONDAY, 26 MAY 2022
New Online Adult Fitness Test Launched
  The President's Council on Physical Fitness launched a new adult fitness test with the help of Denise Austin, a fitness guru from Washington. The test will provide information about a person's status in relation to others of the same age group in terms of speed for a one-mile walk, push ups, and other measures of health and flexibility. The test also provides information about weight managem
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City Government Promotes Physical Fitness
  Texas - The local city government is taking the lead role in promoting physical fitness to residents. Mayor Jay Dean formed a Physical Fitness Task Force, and with funding from the state, initiated efforts to promote community wellness and fitness. Health statistics show that three out of five Texans are overweight, which accounts for $10.5 billion each year in lost productivity and increa
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How to Prevent Backache
  Backache is not just a sign of back injuries or problems. According to the research published by health club, LA fitness, and BackCare, four out of five people will develop back injuries at some point in their lives due to innocent and unnoticeable instances. According to Garry Trainer, an osteopath, acupuncturist, and author of "Back Chat: the Ultimate Guide to Healing and Preventing Back P
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