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MONDAY, 30 JUNE 2021
Ten Tips from TenPilates
  So: Cannes/St. Barth's/Ibiza/the mother's egg-and-spoon race are looming, and you need to shape up. But can you really achieve a 'beach bod' in a fortnight? From TenPilates in the 'hot' dynamic Pilates destination in Notting Hill here's some refreshing honesty... (and some encouraging news!) "Yes, it's possible to get a flatter stomach/toned thighs/lose that muffin top," says David Higgin
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Hi-tech Workout Helps Women Achieve Fitness Goals
  Olympia, Washington - What's the buzz among women today? Perhaps it's the new machine which they say is bringing the intensity level of workouts to a new level. CurvesSmart is an electronic monitoring system that provides moment-to-moment feedback and progress reports for each workout. The system basically uses technology to serve as a personalized fitness coach for club members. Today,
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Lancaster Health Club to Pay $32,000 in Fines
  After receiving nearly 100 complaints about membership issues, Planet Fitness, a health club located in Lancaster, agreed to pay more than $32,000 in fines and restitution. Based on the complaints, the club violated the state's Consumer Protection Law and Health Club Act by failing to honor those who purchased membership before the club was transferred to its new owner in April 2006. St
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IDEA Announces Third Annual Inner IDEA Conference
  IDEA Announces Third Annual Inner IDEA Conference San Diego - IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the leading membership organization of health and fitness professionals worldwide with more than 23,000 members in over 80 countries, announces its third annual Inner IDEA Conference focused on experiencing wellness through mind, body, and spirit. The conference, which will be held on September 11th to 14th, will return to the La Quinta Resort & Club
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Create Custom Fitness Mixes with
  DRAPER, Utah - Launching at the IDEA World fitness conference (Booth #309) week of July 8 in Las Vegas, Power Music® will introduce a revolutionary technology that is sure to change the face of fitness music forever. Aptly named ClickMix, it is the first online music mixing service tailored to fitness instructors and workout enthusiasts. According to Power Music® CEO Richard Petty, "I
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