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Women to Take Part in First Scottish Midnight Walk
  Women to Take Part in First Scottish Midnight Walk August 30 marks the first ever Scottish Midnight Walk at Dundee. The all-female walk consists of a 10-mile course that passes through Tay Bridge, Riverside Drive, and Marmalade Pot. The course will begin and finish at Newport-on-Tay's Bridge Carpark. Although this is an all-female fundraising event, males are welcome as marshal volunteers who are needed for the duration of the race. Finishers
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GP-led Health Campaign Delivers 76% Response Rate
  GP-led Health Campaign Delivers 76% Response Rate London - Recent results from a text messaging campaign for calling hypertensive patients in for periodic blood pressure reading ran by the Lea Surgery in City & Hackney tPCT has delivered response rates of 76%. From searches made on their GP system, the surgery sent out a group text message to selected patients inviting them to call the surgery to make an appointment. Within three weeks of
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First NZ Amateur Pole Fitness Competition
  Australia's first Miss Pole Australia Jamilla Deville will host the first ever New Zealand Pole Fitness Show and Competition from the 22nd to the 23rd of August at Pulse8 in the Oaks Complex at Dixon St., Wellington. The two-day show will start at 8 p.m. until 12 a.m. It will cost $20 per show or $35 for the two-night show. The show includes a performance number from Deville, along with Chris
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Pilates on Tour Comes to Minneapolis
  MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota - Pilates on Tour will come to Hyatt Regency Minneapolis for this month's conference on August 20 to 24. Pre-conference classes will take place from August 20-21, featuring Anatomy in Clay, Poolates, and The Business of Pilates. Mat/Reformer classes will start off from the 22nd to the 24th. These are on a first come, first served basis. Pilates on Tour will have 20 avai
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Adult Weight Management Workshop on August 20
  Hong Kong University's Dietetic Clinic for Teaching and Research will conduct a series of Adult Weight Management Workshops at the Admiralty Centre in Hong Kong. The first workshop will start on Wednesday, August 20. The workshops will be conducted by a registered dietitian to provide inputs on healthy eating and the essence of healthy body weight. Participants will personally assess their ow
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