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Iron Gym Reclaimed as Innovative Doorway-Gym
  This summer 2008 sees the release of the Iron Gym; a brand new training facility which tones abs, arms, backs, stomachs and shoulders and all from a doorway within the home. The ‘Iron Gym’ is the best example of innovative home workout equipment to come out of the US in months. With the competition so high let’s look at what makes this piece of exercise gear so different from all the rest. To b
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Online Certificate in Personal Training
  The Online Professional Certificate in Personal Training and Group Exercise Training for Older Adults is a comprehensive Web-based program, with an Optional Field Internship course. It is designed to establish a national standard to ensure the development of safe and effective exercise programs for older adults by personal trainers, allied health/medical and fitness professionals, and the general
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Online Certificate in Fitness Business Management
  The Online Professional Certificate in Fitness Business Management is an innovative Web-based Certificate (with an Optional Field Internship course) designed to teach students how to manage a Personal Training Program &/or a Health-Fitness Department as a Strategic Business Unit (S.B.U.) in both commercial and non-commercial based health and fitness facilities in the United States and/or internati
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The Coke vs. Pepsi Birth Control Wars
  A set of 20-year-old research papers by warring academics fighting over the spermicidal powers of Coke and Pepsi has recently been uncovered and threatens to make waves again amidst today’s current downturn in the global economy. That’s right, a paper in the Journal of Human Toxicology titled “The Spermicidal Potency of Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola” and an earlier paper in the New England Journ
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Kids And Adults Worldwide To Virtually Run
  A 44-year-old husband, father of four and ultra-endurance athlete pushing a jogging stroller of gear will virtually trek with thousands of children and adults worldwide over a 500-mile course through the rugged terrain of Alaska between April 22 and May 13, 2009. Paul Staso accomplished a 3,260-mile solo run across the United States in 2006 and a 620-mile solo run across Montana in 2008 ─ vi
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