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6-Pack Fitness: Meal Management

MONDAY, 28 JUNE 2010

6-Pack Fitness has announced the launch of its 6-Pack Meal Management System, to begin appearing in stores and online on June 21st. First debuted last October at Joe Weider’s Olympia Weekend, the line of diet organizers has received overwhelming approval from fitness enthusiasts and professionals alike.

“The responses at Olympia Weekend and the Arnold Classic were tremendous. We’re extremely excited to help simplify healthy living, and to make fitness and dieting less of a hassle,” says company cofounder Mark Samuel. “The bags will first be made available on 6-Pack Fitness’s Web site,, and will hit retail stores later in the year.”

6-Pack Fitness has created a revolutionary meal management bag designed to help fitness enthusiasts and dieters overcome the arduous task of managing a daily meal and supplement regimen amidst their busy every-day activities. Time and again, trainers and fitness experts have stressed the importance of a proper diet for improving strength training and weight-loss results, but eating right is hard to manage, especially in today’s fast-paced work environment.

The meal management system assists those without the luxury of time in their daily routines. Two strategically placed ice packs keep an array of up to five meals, along with healthy fruits, snacks and beverages, cool and fresh all day. Additionally, storage compartments leave room for protein powders, shaker and utensils, while a custom built tray organizes supplements.

6-Pack Fitness is an innovative health and fitness lifestyle company founded by fitness enthusiast Mark Samuel, 6-Pack Meal Management creator Misha Breyburg and design developer Sasha Plotitsa. The company aims to make a healthy, fitness lifestyle more manageable by providing helpful products and insider recommendations. “We are excited to introduce smart products into the health and fitness market, and will be unveiling our newest innovation at this year’s Olympia Weekend,” states Misha Breyburg.


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