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  Strength Training for Womens Fitness Books
Strength Training for Women is written by experts with firsthand knowledge of women’s needs and preferences in a strength training program. This practical guide provides technique instruction for stre ...

 Travel Fitness   Travel Fitness Fitness Books
Are you a road warrior who's losing the travel battle? Do jet lag, job stress, rich food, lack of sleep, or body aches turn travel into survival tests? Have you resigned yourself to feeling and perfor ...

 The Bodywise Woman   The Bodywise Woman Fitness Books
The Bodywise Woman is more than just another women’s health book—it’s a complete guide for the active woman. Written from a woman’s point of view, the book offers hard-to-find information on women’s h ...
$19.95  $19.45  Online Sports

 ACSM Fitness   ACSM Fitness Fitness Books
Foreword: Arnold SchwarzeneggerStart where you are and go wherever your goals take you. No other guide offers a more comprehensive plan for developing a personal fitness program and sticking with it. ...

 ABSolution   ABSolution Fitness Books
ABSolution by Shawn Philips Armed with the information in this book, you'll be able to move forward with renewed clarity, commitment and confidence. Shawn Phillips' comprehensive plan will put you on ...
$28.50  $27.00  Online Sports

 # Shop Items: 5            Page: 1/1             

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