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ABSolution by Shawn Philips Armed with the information in this book, you'll be able to move forward with renewed clarity, commitment and confidence. Shawn Phillips' comprehensive plan will put you on the right path-a journey that does require your hard work and dedication, but one which will absolutely, positively help you lose fat, build muscle definition and sculpt your own absolutely fantastic abs. ABSolution is not another ab book, believe me. It's different, for a number or reasons. You see, ABSolution is neither an interpretation of the latest research nor a discussion of the contrasting theories on building abs; it's my personal success strategy. It's a true unifying approach for creating your absolute best abs - the result of everything I've learned over the last two decades about what it takes to build your best abs and an amazing physique. It includes every aspect, from nutrition to supplementation to exercise to fat loss to specific techniques to the success mindset. The Inside Scoop: ABSolution is my personal success story with the guidance to help you succeed as well. It's not a simple how-to book, although that is part of it. It also contains some of what have been called the most amazing and artistic physique images of the last decade. It has both my best photos from the past ten years and an entire collection of new photos. And with the large coffee table format, the photos appear even more stunning. It's truly a unique combination of personality, inspiration, and guidance.

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