Fitness Exercises - Neck and Shoulder Stretches

The neck and shoulder muscles have to work untiringly, and bear the strain especially if your job involves stooping over a desk or working at a computer. It's important to maintain good flexibility here since these are where most people accumulate tension. However, our neck is highly sensitive and vital. Thus, you should not overstretch or bounce your neck to any direction when doing the following fitness exercises. Keep in mind that these Fitness Exercises also cut the risk of injury from strenuous exercise and lessens muscle soreness. For more detailed information about each fitness exercise, click on an exercise image or its heading.

Neck Stretch Neck Stretch
Our neck is highly sensitive and vital. Thus, you should not overstretch or bounce your neck to any direction when performing the neck exercises. You can prevent this by having your neck stretched. Use this section as guideline so that you can be sure you are stretching your neck the right way.

Head Forwards Stretch Head Forwards Stretch
Regular stretching now can help retain your flexibility and a good range of motion when you grow old, not only for exercising but for your daily activities as well. Maintain a regular stretching routine by following this exercise.

Shoulder Stretch Shoulder Stretch
There are various shoulder exercises and the Shoulder Stretch is one of the best ways to exercise your deltoids. Stress makes your muscles tense up and can cause headache, stiff neck, sore shoulders and a knotted back. Add this stretching exercise to your fitness routine.

Anterior Deltoid Stretch Anterior Deltoid Stretch
The Anterior Deltoid Stretch is a great way to exercise the front part of your shoulders. The anterior deltoid allows you to raise your arms to the front, the lateral deltoid allows you to raise your arms to the side, and the posterior deltoid allows you to rotate your arms to the rear.

It would be relaxing to get into a really Good Stretching Session to release all of that accumulated tension our bodies take each day. For a great full, upper, or lower body Stretching Sequences go to Fitness Exercises: Stretching Sequences.

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