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Aero Boxing: The New Fitness Craze

The new fitness craze, aero boxing is another form of exercise that boxers use to maintain their body and keep them in shape. It is a fun physical challenge of boxing that aims to improve flexibility and burn fat as well. Regardless of the fitness level of a person, aero boxing includes interval of aerobics and strength training. It is a safe activity or exercise routine for all sorts of people because it does not involve actually hitting or being hit.

Aero Boxing: The New Fitness Craze Aero boxing is different from boxing. Boxing is a combat sport in which two persons of similar weight fight with each other using their fists while aero boxing is a combination of shadow boxing and aerobics that incorporates self defense move with a cardiovascular workout at the same time.

A few sessions of aero boxing will give you positive results such as:

– Increase in stamina
– Change in muscle tone
– It will help you to loose weight
– It will increase you strength
– It will develop your speed
– It will help your body to be flexible
– Enhances your body coordination

Not only it will help you to relax your mind but will also enable you to have fun while loosing weight. Aero boxing will also tone up all your muscles in the shoulders, chest, stomach, hips, back, and legs.

Regardless of your age and gender, aero boxing is open to all unlike other activities or exercises. It is a non stop work out that consists of dynamic stretching, dynamic power abs, random working and different sport activities.

Enrolling to aero boxing class will give you positive results varied according to the person’s need, goal and strength. This activity will keep you fit and will teach you self defense skills. Aero boxing for one hour is actually equivalent to two hours of gym exercise and provides you with innovative and ideal workout before or after your daily work.

People are always on the lookout for new exercises and diet methods to help them to stay in shape. Since you have the choice of working out at your own level, make sure to have a great time and enjoy the fun of aero boxing.

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