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Best Casein Proteins in 2020 – Reviews

For those big gains and unrivaled recovery, many athletes turn to a quality Casein protein to give their body what it needs. Being able to refuel in a way that gives your muscles the ability to go again means you can get more days in the gym and you won’t ache when you push yourself.

The best Casein proteins are also good for those all-important new muscles since they are high in amino acids (B
CAA’s). Because you digest Casein slower than a lot of the other protein alternatives, it is better for recovery. This is only when you buy a reputable product with optimal dosages and ingredients. We have created the following list of the best Casein proteins so you end up packing your body with right nutrients.

List of the Best Casein Proteins

Editor’s Choice: OPTIMUM NUTRITION GOLD STANDARD 100% Micellar Casein Protein Powder

For many people this won’t just be the best Casein protein, it will also be the most recognizable. Sold in stores around the country and beyond, Optimum Nutrition is a reputable brand. This is ideal for recovery between meals and it fills you up so you can act as an appetite suppressant. In every serving, you get 24 g of quality protein that has been specifically designed to aid recovery.

You also get 5 g of BCAA’s in every scoop and it is available in 2 lb and 4 lb tubs to give you plenty of fuel between meals. You can take it at night and get 8 hours of recovery and it even contains loads of calcium. With loads of great flavors, there is everything from chocolate peanut butter to cookies and cream so you get the benefits of quality Casein protein and a taste that is better than most.


  • 24 g of quality casein protein
  • Suppresses appetite
  • 5 g of BCAA’s in every scoop
  • Good value

Best Tasting: Dymatize Elite Casein Protein Powder

You get some big servings in this quality Casein powder but there is a lot more to this popular product. Ok, there is 25 g of Casein protein in every scoop which is up there with the best but it also contains 11.2 g of essential amino acids. With no sugar and only 3 g of carbs in a serving, this is a great option for cutting and it can be exactly what you need to stop snacking between meals and gym sessions.

The 4 lb version gives you 50 servings and you’ll be glad of it since this is among the best tasting Casein powders available. With cinnamon bun and smooth vanilla among your choices, it is easy to like this sustained-release protein is so well-liked.


  • Tastes Great
  • 25 g of protein in every scoop
  • 11.2 g of essential amino acids
  • 50 servings

Best Low Calorie: Naked Casein – 5LB 100% Micellar Casein Protein Powder from US Farms

A lot of people want a Casein protein that gives them all the benefits but without the calories. This is the best option as it is simple in what it offers – pure 100% Casein protein. Because there are no additives it is best enjoyed as part of a smoothie or added to a shake for the cleanest gains and premium muscle recovery.

It is cold-pressed to ensure it is as pure as possible without contamination and it provides a massive 26 g of Casein protein. There are only 110 calories per serving and 5.9 g of BCAA’s. Because it is slow digesting, Casein proteins such as this are ideal for night time recovery so you can absorb the protein and feel great when you wake.


  • 100% Casein – no fillers
  • Cold-pressed
  • 26 g of Casein protein per serving
  • Only 110 calories

Best Blend: OWN PWR Elite Series Protein Powder

With plenty of Casein powder among other proteins and benefits, this is a great all-rounder with plenty for recovery and those big muscle pumps. It is made up of 14.4 g of whey protein and 10.6 g of Casein protein. This means you aren’t getting as much Casein as other brands provide but you do get the benefits of Whey which include muscle growth and reduced inflammation.

With only 1 g of fat and 1 g of sugar in every serving it is great for anyone who wants to get shredded and it has also been tested for banned substances. When combined with strength training this is the ideal companion for building strong muscles. There is also 4.6 g of glutamine which is great for protein synthesis. Our only gripe is we would like a few more flavors but with vanilla ice cream in there as an option, we can’t complain too much.


  • Great Casein protein and whey combination
  • Only 1 g of fat or sugar
  • Tested for banned substances

Best Affordable: Bulksupplements Casein Protein Powder

Bulksupplements pride themselves on their simplicity and when it comes to Casein protein, you don’t need to make things difficult. The smaller 1 kg pack size ensures they can keep the price down making this best for those on a budget. They call it clean and pure powder and you still get around 30 servings to enjoy. It gives you 26 grams of protein with every scoop and it has been lab-tested for purity.

Because the flavor is bland you will need to mix it with other drinks unless you can get it down you fast but there are plenty of slow absorbing amino acids and calcium. A simple, yet effective formula to help those hard-working muscles to recover.


  • Good value
  • 26 g of protein in 1 kg pack
  • Lab-tested for purity

Best Value: Six Star Elite Series Casein Protein Powder

Six Star makes some of the industry’s favorite muscle-building products and their Casein powder is both reasonably priced and full of what your body needs for recovery. With every scoop, you get around 24 g of protein and 4.9 g of BCAA’s to give your muscles the fuel they need to go again. It is gluten-free and slowly digests throughout the night making it ideal before bed.

It is fast mixing so your shaker isn’t going to injury your wrist and it is the ideal supplement for endurance athletes, gym enthusiasts, pro athletes, and beyond. Speaking of the latter, it is endorsed by pro baseballers, pro footballers, and millions of others.


  • 24 g of protein
  • Fast mixing
  • Endorsed by pro athletes
Casein Protein Guide

When you want something to help your recovery overnight without the calories and all the BCAA’s and other benefits for your muscles, Casein protein is a great option. Even between meals, it is perfect because the slow absorption makes you less likely to reach for a snack as it gives you hours of recovery time. 

The better products are made from a quality source and give you the optimal amount of protein. Because not everyone knows enough about their supplements, we have created the following Casein protein buyer’s guide.

What To Look For In Casein Protein

High Protein 

In every scoop, you need to be getting a good amount of Casein protein or your muscles won’t get enough fuel to go again tomorrow. The best casein proteins tend to give you at least 24 g with 26 g being a good upper amount. 


With the right amount of amino acids in every scoop, your body can boost muscle growth. They can help to prepare your muscles for next time and have been found to not only keep fatigue at bay but promote weight loss. Because you want all these benefits as part of a workout regime, it is important to get a good dosage. 

Most Casein proteins tend to contain around 5 g of amino acids although it is not uncommon to find over 10 g in a scoop. 15 g a day tends to be a well-tolerated limit so anything close to that can be ideal.


Some supplements get a bad reputation based on their taste alone. Although many of us can tolerate a less than moreish shake there is something to be said for the brands that ensure theirs taste good. Look for a flavor you think you might like as a start or take a look at what other customers say.

Some products are made to be flavorless and just give you the pure Casein protein. This is fine if you can swig a scoop with water or add it to a shake.

Low Calories

If you are trying to put bulk on then this might not be as important but anyone keeping a close eye on the calorie content of everything they consume should look for a product that is low in calories. 

Benefits of Casein Protein

Slow Absorption

Because it takes longer to absorb, the benefits keep on working hard to allow your muscles to recover. As opposed to Whey protein that is quick to go through your system, Casein is ideal for taking at night or between meals. With a continual flow of protein and amino acids, your body is going to feel and look better. 

Muscle Growth 

Because it reduces muscle fatigue and protein breakdown, Casein protein is great for muscle growth. This is why it is the perfect accompaniment for strength training but even the likes of endurance athletes use it for their recovery. 


Because of its source, this should come as no surprise but Casein protein is high in calcium. This is great for maintaining healthy bones and teeth but let’s not forget that your muscles also need calcium to function properly. 

Protein Intake

If you don’t consume a tonne of protein then this might be the ingredient to help you make the most of what your body does consume. Sure, it will allow you to put the protein it provides to good use but Casein protein has been linked to promoting protein intake.

Fat Loss

Casein protein has links to fat loss but one thing that it can do is work as an appetite suppressant. When taking between meals it can replace an unhealthy snack.

Where Does Casein Come From?

It comes from the same place as whey protein – milk. Casein makes up 80% of milk protein with whey taking up the rest. It is a complete source of protein making it ideal for amino acid content and slow absorption.

Is Casein Protein Safe?

Although everyone is different, the Casein protein is well tolerated by most people. With one or two scoops a day (always check the recommended dosage) there should be no side effects unless you have any underlying health issues.

In some cases, it can cause bloating and if you have lactose intolerance then you should avoid it but for most people, it will be perfectly safe.

Casein Protein Vs Whey Protein

There is nothing wrong with consuming both if you get the dosages right and some products include a blend of both proteins. In terms of individual benefits, Casein protein is often considered preferable because it is absorbed slowly which means you get a longer recovery period and it can be taken at night. 

Whey tends to contain more BCAA’s but to minimize muscle fatigue, Casein is the better option. 

How Long Before Bed Should I Take Casein Protein?

There is no right or wrong time but a lot of people believe that taking Casein protein 10 – 30 minutes before bed can optimize the benefits. This gives you the slow absorption process as you rest so you wake up with the best chance of recovery.

What Is The Best Casein Protein?

People will argue on the individual benefits of different brands but taking brand favoritism aside for a second we found that OPTIMUM NUTRITION GOLD STANDARD 100% Micellar Casein Protein Powder provided the best combination of value, quality, 24 g of protein and a good amount of BCAA’s.

With appetite suppression and plenty of scoops in a tub it is not only going to last a long time but make a massive difference to how you look and feel the day after a big workout.

The other products on our list will also work wonders and if you want fewer calories or a slightly better flavor then other options might be better suited. 

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