Best Crossfit Shoes in 2020 – Reviews

There is more to buying a quality pair of CrossFit shoes that just finding a trainer you can jump on and off a box with. Because there are so many different motions and positions to CrossFit, the shoes you need must be up to the unique demands. This is why it is advisable to look for certain qualities whether you have a circuit to complete at home or are trying to complete the WOD at your regular box.

To help you avoid injuries from wearing the wrong shoes, we have created the following buyers’ guide so you can make a sensible decision. Each of the following gives you the right amount of support for the unique movements and can help you power through a session to land yourself a new PB.

List of the Best Crossfit Shoes

Editor’s Choice: Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

With a slick look and targeted support in all the right places, these are the best CrossFit shoes. they have been specifically designed to enhance the performance of CrossFit athletes and feature a heel bootie construction to make them incredibly comfortable. It features their Toe Tection technology that enhances the front of the shoe to increase the durability and support athletes through high-intensity workouts.

This, combined with the low cut design gives you lots of mobility and there is a minimal drop inside to give you added stability. The wide toe box gives you plenty of room for fast movements and grip into those squats. They are more breathable than some of Reebok’s previous models which means they are going to be comfortable throughout and are available in a variety of eye-catching designs and color combinations.


  • Low cut design makes them mobile
  • Generous toe box
  • Feel secure
  • Incredibly comfortable

Best For Rope Climbs: Nike Men’s Metcon 5 Training Shoes

Another quality CrossFit training shoe these features a removable insert that increases offset to help you push through thrusters and squats. The textured print on the top makes them breathable but also gives them durability in the right places. This is important as they are going to be up against a certain level of abuse in your local box.

There is an enhanced grip on the outsole which has been positioned to make it easier to climb up and down a rope. We like the feel of the cushioned foam under the heel as it is firmer but softer under the forefoot to give you power on those high impact moves. With a low drop and a wide feel to them, they feel stable and are still good for a bit of cardio when you’re working up a sweat.


  • Durable design
  • Cushioned foam is very comfortable
  • Enhanced grip on outsole for rope climbs
  • Good for wide feet

Best Women’s: NOBULL Women’s Training Shoes and Styles – Trainers

These have a well-deserved reputation in CrossFit circles as some of the best shoes and they are designed to support the user through a variety of moves and positions. Running, climbing, sliding, lifting, you name it, there is ample support in all the right places to make these ideal for CrossFit athletes. The super fabric construction on the upper looks great but it is also flexible, breathable, and extremely durable, everything you need from a CrossFit shoe.

They also offer good protection from sidewalls in the high carbon lateral with medial guards. This offers you more grip on the rope and the outsole features a lug pattern that gives you lots of traction that other brands do not. They might be a little heavy for some people so if you want a versatile CrossFit shoe that you can do some extensive cardio work in then these aren’t as flexible but for CrossFit, they are considered the best by many for a reason.q


  • Fabric construction is flexible and breathable
  • Lots of traction
  • Ideal for fast movements
  • Extremely durable

Best For Stability: Inov-8 Mens F-Lite 235 V3 – Ultimate Supernatural Cross Training Shoes

These eye-catching CrossFit shoes have a 4mm drop making them ideal for lifting and fast movements. They feel snug and feature a durable upper that has scattered protective overlays. They are well ventilated so they will be comfortable throughout your WOD. What we like is that they allow for natural movements, this is all down to the flexible outsole so it doesn’t matter what your time in the box throws at you, you feel supported.

When it comes to burpees, they won’t ruin these CrossFit shoes because of the reinforced toe bumper and the shape and material on the side ensures you get traction for rope climbs. They have a wide fit and feel stable in the heel making them one of the best CrossFit shoes.


  • Wide toe box
  • Durable upper
  • Enhanced toe bumper for box jumps and burpees
  • Stable feel

Best For Lifting: adidas Performance Men’s Crazypower TR M Cross-Trainer Shoe

With a wide forefoot and raised toe cap, some subtle differences make these a standout CrossFit shoe. The low profile cushioning helps to keep you low to the ground when you need the extra power and the reinforced heel gives you more support when making your way through the weights. A lot of gym enthusiasts like the design of these shoes as they are wide enough to allow you to grip with your toes and the textile lining adds to their comfort.

Some other CrossFit shoes might give you more padding but if you want a trainer you can easily wear in the gym as well as your nearest box then these are a decent option.


  • Great for lifting
  • Good for wide feet
  • Low profile cushioning

Best Affordable: Under Armour Men’s Commit Tr Ex Cross Trainer Sneaker

Another popular CrossFit shoe and this one has a more eye-catching design and plenty of technology to make it great for a variety of movements. The meshed upper is both lightweight and breathable to ensure it feels comfortable and so do your feet. The TPU heel counter gives you plenty of support and the leather parts make them durable and easy to clean after a WOD.

They are well suited to short bursts of cardio compared to other models and the solid base makes them ideal for heavy lifting. With a snug fit and plenty of grip, it’s not surprising that these are a common sight in many boxes.


  • Lots of support
  • Durable
  • Good for short sprints
CrossFit Shoe Guide

With the unique movements that come with CrossFit, you need the right shoes to stand up to the demands of different WOD’s. A normal gym trainer will not suffice as it won’t be able to tick all the right boxes that come with CrossFit training. The best products are good all-rounders but how can you tell what the perfect CrossFit shoes should be capable of?

We have created the following buyers guide to make this decision easier. That way you can box jump, squat, rope climb, and anything else with ease. 

What To Look For In CrossFit Shoes


Although there are other priorities, don’t forget to look for a breathable CrossFit shoe. If you’re not working up a sweat then you may not be pushing your self enough but even when you’re dripping buckets, you need your CrossFit shoes to be breathable enough that they are still comfortable even when you’re finishing up.

Wide Toe Box

Being able to grip with your toes and have ample room for box jumps means a wide toe box is a must. There is something to be said for having the added comfort that comes with these designs as when lifting heavy weights your toes naturally spread.


You don’t want to be weighed down by your CrossFit shoes as they can make you feel sluggish or make a rope climb that little bit harder. Most CrossFit shoes are made to be durable without causing them to be too heavy to impact mobility.

Hard Soles

This might seem like the opposite of what a lot of training shoes tell you but having hard soles makes climbing easier. When you’re halfway up that rope, having hard soles helps you to remain stable. As long as they are also solid during heavy lifting you will find hard soles to be preferable for Crossfit.


Regular running shoes will wear pretty fast if worn for CrossFit because of the demands a workout can put on them. Consider the fact that you will make different movements such as lateral movements, lifting heavy weights, rope climbs, box jumps, and short sprints to name a few and you get a sense of why your CrossFit shoes must be durable.


Especially in the front, flexibility is important fo CrossFit shoes. Although stability is needed for some exercises, flexibility is important for box jumps and anything that requires agility. Most shoes tend to be multipurpose in this sense although you might notice serious CrossFit athletes changing between shoes designed for lifting weights and those for agility.

Do I Really Need CrossFit Shoes?

If you are taking your CrossFit training seriously then yes, investing in a pair of CrossFit shoes is important. They can make a big difference in your performance and will be more comfortable with certain movements. You need stability when it comes to lifting, and certain exercises such as rope climbs can ruin a regular pair of running shoes as they don’t have the protection.

Why Can’t I Wear Running Shoes For CrossFit?

although running shoes will be ok for certain exercises, they are not well suited to CrossFit in general. This is because they are usually well cushioned, making them suitable for the regular impact that comes with running and cardio.

This cushioning will be detrimental to Crossfit training because they do not offer you the stability you need to push through heavy weights. This can impact your ankles and because there is usually a high drop, running shoes can tilt your momentum forward and knock you off balance.

How Long Do CrossFit Shoes Last?

This depends on how frequently you use them and the model and brand you buy but expect CrossFit shoes to last at least 6 months. Some will last longer and you can ensure your favorite CrossFit shoes last longer if you switch them up with another pair that is better designed to weight lifting when the time calls. 

Are CrossFit Shoes Good For Running?

Most CrossFit training does not involve long distances so the shoes are not designed to give you the cushioning to soften the impact of miles and miles of running. At most you might find yourself doing short sprints and fast bursts. 

CrossFit shoes aren’t ideal for running so it is best to find a second pair that has the right amount of cushioning to support your feet and legs should you want to add some cardio to your fitness regime. 

Do I Need Special Shoes For CrossFit?

If you are thinking about trying CrossFit for the first time then you can get away with wearing a regular gym shoe or running shoe for the first WOD or two. It is always best to see if you consider CrossFit to be a good fit for you before you commit to buying specialist shoes.

However, if you want to make it a regular thing, it is a good idea to buy a specific pair of CrossFit shoes that will give you the right support and allow for flexible movements. 

Can I Wear CrossFit Shoes For HIIT?

A lot of people wear CrossFit shoes for HIIT because they are well suited to sudden movements and impacts. It is a good idea to wear a flexible pair that is good for agility as well as dumbbells and kettlebell work.

How Much Do CrossFit Shoes cost?

Because they are specialist shoes that have been tailor-made for the unique demands of CrossFit, you should expect to pay more than regular running shoes. Still, you can find a good pair of CrossFit shoes for around the $100 mark. 

The high-level products tend to be $150 and over but if you are starting then you don’t have to pay as much as you might think. 

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