Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis in 2020 – Reviews

Some running shoes are better for certain conditions and if you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis then you need a pair that has superior arch support, lots of cushioning all over and added shock absorption. Some call it heel pain but running shoes for plantar fasciitis help you to hit the road without having to stop because of a debilitating sensation.

There aren’t many shoes that are specifically made for plantar fasciitis but some of the best brands make running shoes so comfortable that they are ideal for those who have these types of concerns. To help you make this important decision, we have created a list of the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis. Every product has a deserved reputation and will make you want to lace up your running shoes more often.

List of the Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Editor’s Choice: Brooks Mens Ghost 11 Running Shoe

With neutral support, these are the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis, partly and the quality means they are some of the most popular too. If you have a medium to high arch then these are the best you will find, and a lot of it is down to the DNA LOFT cushioning that makes them incredibly comfortable and easy on your heels. They are still responsive and durable meaning you have a real spring in your step as you push off.

Because of the segmented crash pad, it adapts to the position of your foot as it falls. Anyone who suffers from heel problems will enjoy the technology that goes into these running shoes, the DNA loft heel crash pad ensures your landing is smooth and painless. With a meshed upper, plenty of color options and multiple uses that include road use and treadmill runs, these are hands down the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis.


  • DNA loft cushioning supports the heel when it comes down
  • Breathable meshing
  • Great value
  • Ideal for treadmill or road runs

Best For Wide Feet: ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe

With a removable sock liner to make room for a medical orthotic, you can tailor these running shoes for plantar fasciitis to your requirements. The rearfoot gel cushioning is what gives them so much support for your heels so making your way around a 10k run or hitting the treadmill hard is not an issue. The outsole is designed to be thick enough for a trail run and there are even reverse traction lugs.

There is plenty of shock absorption and Venture 5 is known for being an excellent option for neutral runners. With a breathable meshed design on the upper and a good amount of arch support, we like these as an all-rounder but also for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis but want a good value running shoe.


  • Rearfoot gel cushioning
  • Lightweight
  • Good for those with wide feet
  • Protective outsole

Best Women’s: Brooks Womens Glycerin 18 Running Shoe

This is another typical Brooks running shoe meaning it is an excellent product that offers plenty of support. This makes them some of the best women’s running shoes for plantar fasciitis as they offer a neutral support and all the benefits of their DNA loft cushioning system. This is what supports the heel via the crash pad as it touches down to ensure your step is as pain free as possible.

For a lot of runners, these are the shoes that make long runs possible again and they have a luxurious feel under the foot. The breathable meshed design means your feet are always comfortable but this is also because of the internal stretch bootie that expands as you run. Their Glycerin 18 range is one of their most popular and well-known and it’s easy to se why.


  • DNA loft cushioning
  • Internal stretch bootie for added comfort
  • Lots of color options
  • Breathable meshing

Best For Trail Running: Salomon Men’s Xa Pro 3D Trail Running Shoes

Here we have another quality brand that makes more than one option when it comes to running shoes for plantar fasciitis. With a low top from the arch shaft and a 3d chassis, they stabilize the foot without making them too rigid, these shoes keep everything in place for a comfortable stride. The quick lace system is convenient but the shock absorption is what makes these ideal for those with heel issues.

The aggressive lug design makes them ideal for trail runs and with plenty of meshing on top they have that ‘great outdoors’ look about them. This is evident in the rubber outsole that gives them a sturdy feel. There is enough cushioning to make them a good option for anyone, especially if you want to run on different surfaces.


  • Lots of stability
  • Quick lace system
  • Plenty of cushioning
  • Ideal for trail runs

Best For Shock Absorption: New Balance Women’s 1080v9 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

This is another women’s running shoe for plantar fasciitis and one that uses fresh foam technology that runs the length of the midsole to ensure there is plenty of shock absorption and enough rebound to put a bounce in your stride. It has an ultra heel and bootie construction that gives you lots of support where it can hurt the most and they are ideal for long-distance running.

With ultra-cushioning, they are also great for cross-training although other shoe types are better suited to speed. With a 4/5 softness rating, there is plenty to like. There is a wide toe box to make them fit just right and you can pick them up in several color combinations.


  • Fresh foam runs the length of the mid sole
  • Lots of shock absorption
  • Wide toe box

Best Value: New Balance Men’s 990v4

With a timeless look New Balance feature once again but this time it is for their best mends running shoe for plantar fasciitis. With breathable meshing, your foot will always be comfortable and there is also a leather overlay to complete the look. The EVA midsole is cushioned to absorb the shock of every step and it is a versatile running shoe that can accommodate most foot types.

They aren’t as lightweight as other shoes but have a quality feel to them and there is a decent amount of arch support which should be good news to those who suffer from plantar fasciitis. Made in the USA, there is plenty to like about them, especially if durability is high on your list of priorities.


  • Made in the USA
  • EVA midsole gives plenty of cushioning
  • Breathable meshing
  • A good amount of arch support
Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis Guide

Because it can be painful, a lot of people are put off running by plantar fasciitis. Although it is understandable, there is no need to give up a pastime or sport, especially one that can be so good for your health. This is because there are so many quality running shoes for plantar fasciitis. Although it can be tempting to just use an orthopedic insole, some shoes are almost ideal for running with heel pain and other issues.

Finding a quality product is only easy if you know what the shoes should offer. This is why we have created the following buyer’s guide. 

What To Look For In Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

Heel Support

The added heel support is going to take a great deal of the strain from your ailment away. This is where a lot of the cushioning will be and you can usually see it has a thick layer of some sort of foam. This is important as it is where most of us land when we are running.

Plenty of Arch Support

This is vital to your comfort as without adequate arch support your plantar fascia is going to be made worse by continuous stretching and compressing. Low arches should be avoided if you suffer from any kind of heel condition to make your running experience more fun and less painful. 

Shock Absorption

Another essential attribute for a running shoe for plantar fasciitis is shock absorption. It is the impact on the ground that can cause you to wince of you do not have the right level of shock absorption as the full force of every step will shoot through your most sensitive areas. Let the shoe take the strain and impact so you don’t have to and buy a pair that are known for their ability to absorb the shock.

Flexible Toe Box

You need the shoe to bend in the right ways so your foot naturally steps as you run. not only does this make for a more comfortable experience but it helps to correct the stance of your foot so you don’t make any injuries worse.

Reputable Brand

It is unlikely that you will get your hands on a quality pair of running shoes unless they are made by a reputable brand. This is problematic for some people as they feel priced out of getting the right shoe for their needs but there are plenty of top brands making affordable running shoes for plantar fasciitis. 

Breathable Shoes

The meshing on top of the running shoes should be breathable and offer you the chance to run in comfort. You don’t want your foot sweating too much which can cause the shoes to rub so having plenty of ventilation is a must.

Why Choose A Running Shoe For Plantar Fasciitis?

If you have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, the chances are that you have already spoken to an expert who has advised that you build your way up to fitness or take it easy when it comes to exercise. Whether you are on the road to recovery, are not going to let it beat you, or just want to build up your fitness, choosing the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis is vital.

You need ample support for your heel, ankles, arches, and more to ensure you are as pain-free as possible and don’t make your condition worse.

What Is Plantar Fasciitis?

Many people know it as one of the most common forms of heel pain. Essentially, it is inflamed tissue that runs from the bottom of your foot, along the heel bone and there are over 3 million cases in the US every year.

It can be self-managed and treated with one way of helping yourself being to purchase a quality pair of running shoes. A lot of people describe it as a stabbing pain around the heel that hurts without adequate cushioning. Physical therapy, shoe inserts, and quality shoes are some of the things believed to be able to help.

Can Running Make Plantar Fasciitis Worse?

For a lot of people, plantar fasciitis can be made worse by trying too much too soon so take your time when it comes to your fitness. Although it can be frustrating, there are certain things you can do to make exercise more bearable and one way is through wearing quality running shoes.

Worn shoes or those without adequate arch support, heel support, or cushioning are going to aggravate your condition. Running on hard surfaces such as a road can be painful as well.

What Causes Plantar Fasciitis?

Something as simple as wearing poor quality shoes that have little arch support can cause plantar fasciitis. A common cause is through having tight Achilles tendons so if you feel that yours are starting to ache, make sure you don’t overdo things and ensure you are wearing comfortable footwear with adequate support. 

What Can Help Make Plantar Fasciitis Less Painful?

To cure plantar fasciitis requires some groundwork and it all starts with stretching your calves and Achilles. Some people are given pain killers whilst others prefer a more holistic approach that includes lower leg exercises to strengthen the muscles.

When it comes to running, the best running shoes for plantar fasciitis will give you arch support, heel support, shock absorption and a lot more to help you run without the pain.

Does Walking Help With Plantar Fasciitis?

Although it is one of the most painful things you can do when you suffer from plantar fasciitis, walking is one of the best things for such a condition. Although you should consult an expert, especially if the pain is severe, exercise is generally considered one of the best things you can do to cure plantar fasciitis. 

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