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Chest Stretch (Chest and Arm Stretches)

One of the major benefits of Stretching is that it increases your flexibility. While Stretching may appear a bit bland as compared with resistance exercises such as Training with Free Weights and Weight Training Exercises, without a good stretch, you will not be able to minimize the risk of injury.

The chest is made up of pectoral muscles – major and minor. The pectoralis major covers the front of the upper chest and is attached to the upper arm. This muscle is responsible for major arm movements such as flexion, rotation, and adduction towards the body. Strengthen your pectoral muscles by doing exercises that target those muscles. The Chest Stretch is one of those exercises.


STEP 1: Stand (with legs slightly bent and feet hip-width apart). Hold your abdominals tight. Your head, neck, and shoulders should stay relaxed. With your back straight, clasp your hands behind your back.
STEP 2: Lift your arms behind you until you feel the stretch across your chest. Hold for about 10 seconds.

It would be relaxing to get into a really good Stretching session to release all of the accumulated tension our bodies take each day. For a great full, upper, or lower body Stretching Sequence, go to Fitness Exercises: Stretching Sequences.

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