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Choosing a Gym

A Gym is often synonymous with health club in Fitness Lingo. Finding a Gym that fulfills your requirements and at the same time makes you feel comfortable is an essential step to achieving your Fitness goal. It would be easier for you to pick up a gym that suits your need if you have a more specific Fitness Goals.

Although there are certain Common Features amongst Gyms (e.g. variety of exercise equipment and classes, a weight room, a locker room, and qualified trainers), they are not alike. The difference lies in the gym’s level of privacy, extent of opulence, clientele, and staff. Before Joining a Gym, analyze your requirements, your budget, and the following Features of a Gym:

    • Levels of privacy in a gym
        1. Public Gym 
          This type of Fitness Gym is open to anyone who wants to use them. Usage of Public Gyms is often available on a pay-as-you-go basis, or by the day or by the activity, at reasonable rates. A Public Gym generally offers a wide variety of programs for adults and children (e.g. gym and dance classes, summer camp for kids, outdoor programs). However, Public Facilities might not have as much equipment and as many weight-room attendants as a Competitive Private Club. Also, while the equipment is properly maintained, you may sometimes have to wait a long time for your turn at a particular station.Choosing a Gym
        1. Private Gym 
          Unlike Public Gyms, Private Gyms or Health Clubs are profit-making businesses. Most of the time, especially in Fitness-in-demand communities, Private Health Clubs are competitive with each other. A Private Gym is either independent or a franchise that belongs to national, local, or regional chains. Due to the competition, Top Private Fitness Centers offer a full array of classes (from weight-training to Yoga), have on-site retail shops, massage and/or physical therapists, and perhaps even a restaurant that caters healthy cuisine.
        1. Very Private Gym 
          This often refers to the new generation of “miniclubs” that are sprouting in a lot of areas. Most of the time, Very Private Gyms are studios that offer entirely individualized programs with a one-on-one training. Aside from getting the undivided attention of the trainer whenever you workout, you don’t have to undergo the please-hurry-up-it’s-my-turn routine just to use the strength-training station. Very Private Fitness Facility will work for shy people and those who are just recovering from an injury. However, with the increased privacy, be prepared for the hefty fee.
      1. Specialized Gym 
        This Type of Fitness Center or Gym Studios specializes in just one discipline (e.g. yoga, martial arts, boxing, and Rock Climbing). Among the advantages of a Specialized Gym is the top quality equipment, skilled staff and expert instructors. But if you prefer to cross-train or have a varied workout program, this is not the place for you mainly because the staff and equipment specializes in only one activity.
    • Staff 
      Trainers can make or break your Fitness Goals. Fitness Instructors or Trainers not only guide you through your workout, they can also help motivate you and offer advice on any fitness related activities. The well-trained, informed, and concerned fitness expert is a vital asset in the gym. However, the staff at many Fitness Establishments isn’t always experienced or even qualified. The better Fitness Centers will be staffed with trainers that have graduate degrees in exercise physiology or other health sciences. In others, the Fitness Instructors may have no other credentials other than their well-built, bulging muscles. Still, don’t be impressed just because a trainer is “certified.” Health clubs usually have their own “certifications” which is often a gimmick to boost up the appearance of the staff’s credentials.
  • Clientele 
    Almost everyone who goes into a public gym is people-conscious. If you are a gym-beginner and will most likely suffer from insecurities of being in a new environment, find a gym with a quieter, more subtle crowd. However, there are those who prefer a competitive surrounding and need constant scrutiny of fellow trainers to boost them toward their Fitness Goals. In this case, opt for a packed gym. Still, if you’re not into socializing, you can always choose to workout at home – provided you have the proper Fitness Home Equipment. It all depends on you.

If you are still not sure about the gym you have chosen, see if you can try out their facilities before you join in. This will also guarantee that you won’t end up wasting money and time.

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