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Circuit and Interval Training

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit training or has become a really popular training style in recent years. Why? If you’re short on time, you’ll find this workout style extremely beneficial – if done right, you’ll accomplish more in less time.

How to Set up a Circuit

  • Define your goal: decide what you’re working on. This can be either muscle groups or a certain skill (strength, agility, endurance …)
  • Choose the exercises: build a circuit around four exercises (2 for the main muscle group you’re working with and 2 for the opposing muscle group).
  • Get started: perform the exercises in this order – main muscle group – opposing muscle group – main muscle group – opposing muscle group
  • Keep track of time: your circuit should last between 20 and 30 minutes. Don’t overexert yourself because this will prevent you from achieving any lasting strength gains.

Interval Training

While interval training is often considered to be the same as circuit training, this is not the case.

What’s the difference between circuit and interval training?

Circuit training is a form of strength training that aims to include more muscle groups and compound movements in a single session than would be the case with conventional strength training.

Interval training focuses on performing one exercise at maximum effort followed by a short resting period. As you become more advanced, your working period should increase to up a minute, and your resting period should be between 10 and 20 seconds.

So, the key difference between these styles of training is circuit training is a form of strength training, and interval training is a form of intense cardio.

Keep both sessions under 30 minutes to avoid fatigue. Do each session on alternate days to allow ample time for recovery.


Circuit and Interval Training

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