Fitness Exercises – Back Stretches


The back takes in tension more than any other part of the body. During a fitness workout, the back muscles contract, further increasing the tension. Thus, it is necessary to stretch the back properly after exercise. What follows are the common back stretches. Keep in mind that these exercises also cut the risk of injury from strenuous exercise and lessens muscle soreness. For more detailed information about each fitness exercise, click on an exercise image or its heading.

Upper Back Stretch Upper Back Stretch
Your upper and lower back muscles consists of a large group of muscles that run from above your hips to your neck, arm, and shoulder areas. The main job of this muscle group is to help you with pulling and lifting loads. To stretch your upper back, follow the steps in this section.
Lower Back Stretch Lower Back Stretch
One of the most common spots of injury is the lower back. Injuries in this site usually result from muscular imbalance, weak or inflexible muscles, or poor posture. The Lower Back Stretch is a great way to exercise these areas.
Hyperextension of Back Hyperextension of Back

Back pain is a common ailment especially since the back takes in tension more than any other part of the body. Back pains can range from mild discomfort to pain that hinders you from working or participating in your favorite leisure activities. Preventing back pain before it strikes means you have to exercise it regularly.

Spine Rotation Spine Rotation
One of the major benefits of stretching is that it increases your flexibility. Full body stretching will help your muscles relax, help you to breath deeper, and help release all of that accumulated tension your body takes each day. The spine rotation is a great way to stretch it.
Cat Stretch Cat Stretch
This Fitness Exercise is designed to relax your lower back muscles and to relieve the spasm which causes pain in your lower lumbar region. Performing the cat stretch alone will ease your tired back and minor aches and pains caused by bad posture.

It would be relaxing to get into a really Good Stretching Session to release all of that accumulated tension our bodies take each day. For a great full, upper, or lower body Stretching Sequences go to Fitness Exercises: Stretching Sequences


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