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Hip Flexor Stretches

Everybody knows the role of stretching: it increases your flexibility. But we often skip it because it seems boring in comparison with more intense workouts.

Even though you may not be aware of its benefits right away, don’t skip your stretching and mobility sessions.

Hip flexor stretches are especially important because we spend so much time sitting and compressing our hips.

The hip flexor muscles are called the iliopsoas.

They are made of:

  • The iliac muscle
  • The psoas major muscles

Learn how to perform a simple forward lunge stretch that targets your hip flexors, your glutes, and also works a little bit on ankle mobility!

How to Do Hip Flexor Stretches – Forward Lunge

1. Use a mat to protect your knees. Kneel down with your back straight.
2. Take a step forward with your right foot. Keep your left knee on the floor. This will probably challenge your stability a bit. Place your hands on your right thigh.
3. Slowly try to stretch your left leg behind you (you can keep it slightly bent at the knee). You should feel a stretch in the front of your right hip. Hold for at least 10 seconds, then repeat on the other side.


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