Leg Stretches

Leg Stretch | Hip Flexor, Glute, Calf, Inner Thigh Stretches

Leg Stretch: An Overview

Looking for a comprehensive guide to leg muscles and leg stretches? Then you’re in the right place! Enjoy this short overview of the most common and beneficial leg stretches and learn more about the muscles they’re targetting.

Leg Stretch Guide

Hip Flexor Stretch Hip Flexor Stretch

Performing this stretch regularly is especially important if you spend a lot of time sitting or are a runner. Tight hips can also lead to low back pain, so prevention by means of stretching goes a long way.

Glute Stretch Glute Stretch

This stretch is also sometimes called Figure 4 Stretch because your body takes the shape of number 4 while you perform it. The glute muscles form your buttocks and their main role is to help with lifting and rotating the leg at the hip. They are heavily targeted during a typical strength training session (squats, leg press, deadlift), so relaxing them is key.

Supine Hamstring Stretch Supine Hamstring Stretch

This group of muscles runs through the upper back part of your leg and enable movements such as hip extension and knee flexion. Hamstrings are often tight, so make sure to incorporate a hamstring stretch into your routine.

Standing Hamstring Stretch Standing Hamstring Stretch

This stretch includes a balance element and targets your quadriceps gently but significantly. This will help you strengthen the muscles around your knee, while at the same time it will improve your flexibility.

Standing Quadriceps Stretch Standing Quadriceps Stretch

Runners are often seen performing this stretch that helps release tight quadriceps. If you’re not comfortable balancing on one foot, stand against a wall.

Prone Quadriceps Stretch Prone Quadriceps Stretch

This stretch is like the Standing Quadriceps Stretch, only without the balance element.

Inner Thigh (adductor muscles) or Adduction Stretch  Inner Thigh Stretch

The adductors are a group of muscles of the inner thigh region. There are actually five muscles in this family and they are often unfairly neglected. They bear a significant load while you perform squats (especially sumo squats) and lunges.

Outer Thigh (abductor muscles) or Abduction Stretch Outer Thigh Stretch

The outer thigh or abductor muscles are a group of muscles that includes your glutes and the TFL band. They help with movements such as hip rotation and moving the leg away from the body (or, abduction).

Calf Stretch Calf Stretch

Another stretch that you must include if you’re a runner (but even if you’re not, you’ll benefit from it for sure).


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