Leg Stretches: Adduction Stretch and Inner Thigh (adductor muscles)


One of the major benefits of Stretching is that it increases your flexibility. While Stretching may appear a bit bland as compared with resistance exercises such as Training with Free Weights and Weight Training Exercises, without a good stretch, you will not be able to minimize the risk of injury.

Our muscles do not work alone when we perform certain exercises. Our adductor muscles, or the muscles situated on our inner thighs, are working simultaneously with others while doing Squats, leg presses, or Lunges. Give your inner thigh muscles a good stretch especially if you are involved in a sport that overstretches and/or overuses the adductors.

Sit (on the floor or mat) with your back straight. Place the soles of your feet together in front. Clutching your ankles, pull your feet in towards you, feeling the stretch in your inner thighs, as your legs relax down towards the floor. To intensify the stretch, place your hands on your ankles and your elbows on your knees. With your back straight, slowly ease the body forward from your hips. Hold for 10-15 seconds then slowly ease the stretch a step further.

A lot of people are doing hundreds of reps of abduction and adduction exercises in the hope of burning fat and slimming their thighs. Unfortunately, if you just concentrate on a particular muscle and that muscle works hard enough, it gets bigger, not smaller. Also, the muscle that you are exercising has nothing to do with where fat is burned. So, while there are many reasons to work these muscles, shrinking your thighs isn’t one of them.

With all those accumulated tension our bodies take each day, it would be relaxing to get into a really good Stretching session. For a great full, upper, or lower body Stretching Sequence, go to Fitness Exercises – Stretching Sequences.


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